Hikari the Chao
Hikari the Chao

Hikari is a Hero Chao and companion of Sparklie the Tiger.
Art by Icyi

Personal data
Age Uncertain
Gender Genderless, appears Female
Species Hero Chao
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Unknown
Eye color Dark bluish green
Skin color White
Fur color White, purple
Height ½ ft. (15 cm)
Weight 15 lbs. (7 kg)
Affiliation Team Jungle
Friends Cheese, Cream, Sparklie
Powers and skills
Ability Speed
Powers Electricity manipulation, flight
Skills Emotional empathy
Weaknesses Small size
Production notes
Created by Icyi
Appearances Saving Camelot
Tales of Camelot
Hikari the Chao (ヒッカリ・ザ ・チャウ Hikkari za Chau) is a Hero Chao and the companion of Sparklie the Tiger. Though Chao are genderless, Hikari appears as a female.

Physical description

Hikari appears as a white Chao with gold wings, a cat-like tail, blue on the tip of the tail, arms, ears, halo and feet. She also wears a lavender collar with bolt symbol hang from it.


Like any other Chao, Hikari is playful and kind, and is very sensitive to Sparklie’s feelings. In addition, as a Hero Chao she is much nicer than other Chaos and will voice her annoyance when someone is annoying Sparklie. Hikari is also caring, brave, alert and curious.


Sparklie the Tiger


Hikari has many abilities due to her Chao physiology in addition to some traits she inherited through her bond with Sparklie.


  • Lightning manipulation: Through her bond with Sparklie, Hikari gained the ability to control, create, and generate lightning, namely in the forms of blasts, beams, and barriers.
  • Reincarnation: As a Chao, Hikari reincarnates at the end of each life cycle.
  • Flight: As a Chao, Hikari is able to fly


Just before receive an invitations from Soleanna, Sparklie just receive a Chao egg, a special Chao egg. There was a note on it, saying

This Chao will be your new addition to the team. It will help you and guide through difficult times. Take good care of it and it will protect you. Why did you get this egg? Because I believe you and your allies can reset a terrible event that happens later on. You must gather information about Soleanna's past and save the future... You and your friends are our only hope. Sign, the Guardian of Light...

After reading the note, the egg hatches, revealing a Hero Chao Hikari. Hikari is please to be Sparklie's Chao and she's already to go towards Soleanna. Not sure how or why, but Sparklie soon bond with Hikari as they heading towards their destination…

Return to Camelot

Tales of Camelot

Just like with Sonic, Sparklie and Hikari has also enter in another story book with Sonic. However, unlike Sonic, Sparklie and Hikari was summoned by Racy and Dither the Chihuahua once again, separated from Sonic in another location. The two magical dogs explains what's happening and fear for Merlina's safety. Hikari, after meeting Merlina, keeps having a bad feeling about the female wizard... 


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