Mythic Beast Ice Wolf
Ice Wolf
Personal data
Nicknames Wolf of Ice
Tundra Wolf
Gender Male
Species Duel Spirit-Wolf
Arctic wolf (formerly)
Occupation Second in command of the Mythic Beasts
Partner of Avery Michaels
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Arctic Circle
Residence With Avery
Eye color Gold
Fur color White, pale blue
Affiliation Mythic Beasts, Avery Michaels
Partner Avery Michaels
Friends Avery Michaels, Darkness Cerberus
Powers and skills
Element Ice
Powers Ice manipulation, snow manipulation, cold energy manipulation, enhanced senses
Skills Arctic adaptation
Weaknesses Fire
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
I serve Avery, but also Trio Head. He's my real leader,
Ice Wolf

Ice Wolf, full name being Mythic Beast Ice Wolf, is the second in command of the Mythic Beasts under the leadership of Chaos Empress, Eris. With the power over the element of Ice, Wolf can do many things.

Physical description

Wolf is a large white-furred canine with streaks of pale blue going throughout his fur. He wears small armor on his legs and wears a helmet like object.


Wolf is loyal to his mistress, Eris, now to his master, Avery, but is also loyal to his allies. If someone breaks his trust or loyalty, he will hold a grudge. He can be quite vicious at times but other times, calm. Wolf does have some anger problems, but he cares about his master. His anger issues can easily be calmed down by Cerberus or Avery, though with Avery it takes a little more time.


As the Mythic Beast of Ice, Ice Wolf is able to control all aspects of ice and cold energy.


  • Ice manipulation: As the wielder of the Element of Ice, Wolf can summon, create, control, materialize and absorb ice and cold energy to accomplish various effects.
    • Cyrokinetic combat: Wolf is able to use his ice for combat.
    • Cold energy manipulation: Wolf is able to manipulate, create and generate extremely cold energy.
    • Cold resistance: Wolf is immune to extreme cold.
    • Cold empowerment: Wolf becomes stronger, faster and more durable when near or in the cold.
  • Mythic Beast sense: As a Mythic Beast, Wolf has the power to sense when one is nearby.
  • Predator instinct: As a canine, Wolf possesses keen predatory instincts.
  • Enhanced senses


  • Night vision: As a canine, Wolf can see through darkness, but not to an extent of Cerberus.
  • Arctic adaptation: Wolf can easily survive in extreme cold environments.


  • Fire and heat: Wolf is vulnerable to fire and extreme heat as it can easily melt his ice.
  • Anger issues: Wolf has slight anger issues which can get someone to take advantage of him. He is usually calmed down by Cerberus and Avery.


  • Ice Wolf is based off an arctic wolf.