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For the Ever After High character, see Jasper Rai

Jasper in her Bloomix form.
Drawn by MaliceInTheAbyss

Personal data
Nicknames Jasp
Age 16 (Season 1)
17 (Season 2)
18 (Season 3)
Gender Female
Species Human/Fairy
Occupation Fairy of Darkness
Dark Fairy
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Oblivion
Residence Alfea
Hair color Black
Eye color Crimson red
Skin color Tan
Relatives Unknown parents
Affiliation Aflea, Dark Fairies
Friends Bonded Pet: Shadow (Nightmare Wolf)
Bonded Pixie: Jupiter, Pixie of Shadows
Powers and skills
Powers Darkness manipulation, shadow travel
Skills Spell casting
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Jasper is a Dark Fairy originally originated from Oblivion, but somehow made it back to Magix. Unlike the Princess Belladonna,

Physical Description

Jasper is girl of average height and weight with dark red hair, the front reaching her shoulders while the back goes pass, and crimson red eyes and tanned skin. Her outfit colors consists of black, red, silver and dark gray.


Jasper is very quiet and tends to keep to herself, staying away from others. Due to her being alone while growing up, she doesn't like to ask for help or doesn't typically like to do what people say. So she's kinda like a rebel in a way. She does however, care very much for Shadow, her Nightmare Wolf.

Magical Abilities

Jasper's power is Dark Energy, which allows her to control the darkness energy.


Much like Princess Belladonna, Jasper was born in Oblivion. However, Jasper doesn't know if she has any family. The only thing she remembers really is finding Shadow looking right at her when she was around five years old. She doesn't remember anything before then.

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