Jasper Rai

Jasper Rai-No BG

Jasper Rai Legacy Day No BG

Personal data
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Raiju/Human
Occupation Student of Ever After High
Student of Monster High (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Date of birth October 15th
Place of origin Japan, World of Monsters
Residence Ever After High
Hair color Black, pale streaks
Eye color Stormy Gray
Skin color Tan
Magic aura Electric cyan
Love interest Snow Claus
Relatives Raiden Rai/Raiju (father)
Affiliation Ever After high
Friends Dreamy Charming, Destiny Claus, Fay Fairer, Snow Claus
Powers and skills
Powers Lightning manipulation
Skills Dragon training and riding
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Meeting Jasper
Christmas with the Claus
Going to Jasper's Home
Parent's Day
Unexpected Changes
Snow's Gift
Discorded Feelings
I know I'm different, I just people saw me as something other than a monster
Jasper Rai

Jasper Rai is a 2016-introduced and all-around character. Much like C.A. Cupid, Jasper is not a part of a fairy tale, but is part of Japanese mythology, and transferred from Monster High to Ever After High, but for unknown reasons. In the destiny conflict, she is on Rebel side, as she believes anyone should be able to decide their own destiny.



Because she was teased for being a "Normie" back at Monster High, Jasper is terrified in making her own friends, afraid that they would make fun of her because she was a monster. Jasper pretty much avoided everyone at all costs, only talking to Storm, her pet wolf, and Black Beauty, her pet dragon. When anyone would try to talk to her, Jasper would run away or use her lightning powers to zap into into any electrical conduits and get away. She eventually got over her fear, when one of her classmate's dog, found his way towards her. Before she could get away, the girl talked to Jasper saying she only wanted to say hi. With Legend's help, Jasper finally spoke a word to the girl, her name. With Fay's help, Jasper met Fay's roommate, Destiny Claus, and was finally able to talk to her own roommate, Dreamy Charming. She is still a bit scared talking to people other than Fay, Destiny and Dreamy, but her friends promised to help her out.

The only friend she was able to make on her own back in Monster High was Garrett Blackburn, the son of the Phoenix, who is her very best friend. She only spoke to him because Garrett worked with her father during the summer. Jasper tried to avoid him when he worked, which worked for a bit. It ended when the two had to work together and tame an out of control dragon before he left the Ranch and went into town. Garrett is the only one to know and see Jasper being her true self.

Jasper is terrified in telling her new friends that truth about her, that she's a monster. She isn't sure if she wants to even tell them, afraid that they'll leave her and tease her for lying to them.

Unlike most girls who take a tremendous amount of time in getting ready, Jasper doesn't take very long. She has three things in mind when getting ready: must have black and dark purple, and her pendant. She never goes anywhere without her pendant, which was given to her by her father when she was a baby.


Jasper is a petite girl with tan skin, stormy gray eyes, and beyond the shoulder-length black hair with platinum blonde streaks. She is normally seen in the colors dark purple-black, lightning blue, and grey. She is always seen with a dragon pendant around her neck and usually adds dragon designs plus scales, due to her love for dragons.


Jasper likes doing sports as well playing Dragon Games, which is her most favorite game ever. Her most favorite thing to do is take care of her dragons and the dragons in the Stables. When not attending classes, she is almost always seen in the Dragon Stables either tending to Legend or Black Beauty or training with Black Beauty.


  • Electricity manipulation (Electrokinesis): As the daughter of the Raiju, Jasper was born with the power to control lightning/electricity.
    • Electricity generation: Jasper is able to generate electricity out of nothing, however, this ability is out of her control as she is naturally produces electricity. The only way she controls this is with her pendant that she is always seen wearing. The pendant has some sort of lock on it that controls how much electricity Jasper can let out at once. Because her powers are out of control, she usually will have her partner do the experiments in Science and Sorcery to avoid making an explosion should her lightning touch something.
    • Electricity Immunity: Jasper is immune to electricity. If she were to be struck by lightning, she wouldn't feel it. All she would probably feel is a power surge. Jasper will normally stay inside during a lightning storm. While she's never been struck by lightning, she doesn't want to find out what could happen due to her out of control powers.
    • Electric conductivity: Jasper's body is naturally electrically conductive. She can also induce electrical conductivity in external targets by charging them with electricity.
    • Electricity Teleportation: Jasper is able to travel through electrical conduits/lightning. She mainly uses this to make a quick get away from people to avoid talking or even making eye contact with them.
  • Enhanced senses: Since her father is a wolf, Jasper has enhances senses, and endurance. She is able to go head-to-toe with Cerise when both are running at full speed.
  • Multilingual: Because Jasper was born in the Japan version of the Monster World, Jasper is able to speak and write in Japanese. Japanese is also the main language she and her father speak when together.
  • Form change (possibly): Since her father is able to change from Human to Raiju/Electric Wolf, Jasper has the possible power to do the same


  • Knowledge on Dragons: Jasper has excellent knowledge on dragons including types and their favorite food.
  • Dragon caring and training: Jasper is adept in caring and training dragons as she has a way to understand them. Being able to understand her dragons in a way, Jasper is skilled in riding them (much better than Daring Charming, that's for sure).


Artwork Jasper's Outfits
Jasper Rai-No BG

Signature - Rebels

Jasper's basic outfit consists of purple, black and dark blue colors. She tends to wear dark colors, reflecting her "keeping away from people" personality. She wears a long-sleeve dark purple shirt, a black dragon-scaled sleeveless vest, arm braces, lightning-designed skirt, that stops at the knees in front but goes past in the back, mix of blue and black leggings, and ankle-length black boots. Her jewelry consists of a pair of blue lightning shaped earrings and a dragon pendant choker around her neck which she has had since she was born. Jasper's jet black hair is a little past her shoulders, and is highlighted with platinum blonde streaks, her bangs tend to go in front of her eyes but she never does anything to move them.

Jasper Rai Legacy Day No BG

Legacy Day

Jasper has her hair left out in its normal style, a pair of white lightning-shaped earrings and wears a crown that is styled after a wolf,also designed with lightning bolts. She wears a sleeveless dark purple, with highlights of black, dress, the front part of the skirt stopping just at her knees while the back goes farther down, almost hitting the ground. She wears a dragon scaled cloak, made up of black and gray scales (discarded by her own dragons), and ankle-length black and purple, open-toes shoes. She has very light make-up, light bluish-purple eye shadow and doesn't wear any lipstick.

Getting Fairest


Mirror Beach

Jasper's Mirror Beach outfit consists of black sleeveless top, with black and gray shorts.

Hat-tastic Tea Party




Spring Unsprung


Sugar Coated


Fairest On Ice

Jasper's hair is left in its normal hairstyle, while she has very light pale blue eye shadow. She wears a dragon-like tiara on her head.

Through The Woods


Enchanted Picnic


Way Too Wonderland


Date Night

With the help of Fay and Destiny, Jasper was able to come up with an outfit to wear on her date with Destiny's brother, Snow. Jasper has left her hair out normally with light blue eye shadow. She wears a light grey, elbow-length jacket over a sleeveless, above-the-knees length, dark purple-blue-dress with sandal-like black shoes. She has her choker, and wears a pair of silver bracelets. She also has a small, silver purse.

School Spirit

Jasper has her hair tied in a low ponytail that is pulled to the side, and blue streaks in it. She wears a black hoodie jacket over a dark purple, dress shirt, that goes to her waist, over a pair of dark grey leggings and dark purple-black high heeled boots.

Dragon Games

Jasper has her hair in its normal hairstyle and light purple eye shadow. She wears a dark grey sleeveless top, pair of dark purple-black leggings and a pair of black long boots. She also has armor, made from her own dragon's discarded scales, on her shoulders and forearms. Much like in her Legacy Day Outfit, Jasper wears a cape made up of black and grey scales from Black Beauty and Moon Shadow, which also protects her from most attacks.

Book Party


Royally Ever After


Epic Winter

Jasper has her hair down in her normal hairstyle. She has light alice blue eye shadow, and wears a winter-themed colored outfit. {Outfit coming soon}

Birthday Ball


Fanon Outfits List

Artwork Jasper's Outfits
To be Determined

Fan Line - Snowflakes and Mistletoes

(Line created by WiseUnicorn)


Dragon Training Outfit

When she is out riding or training dragons, Jasper wears a dragon proof outfit. It consists of a long-sleeve dark gray shirt, darker gray with tints of purple pants and knee-high black boots. She also wears gauntlets on her arms and shoulder armor.

Class Schedule

Jasper's classes Class Name
Period 1 Magicology
Period 2 Mythology
Break Break
Period 3 Science and Sorcery
Period 4 Geografairy
Lunch Lunch
Period 5 Grimmnastics
Period 6 Muse-ic


  • Her birthday is on October 15th.
  • Jasper speaks with a Japanese accent, but it's very noticeable.
  • Jasper speaks Japanese when talking to her father and/or writing letters.
    • They do this so people cannot really understand and keeps her father's and hers identity as monsters a secret.
  • Jasper is a male name, meaning "treasurer".
  • Because of the canon Crystal Winter, Jasper was made to become ShadowSpirit020's main EAH OC.
    • ShadowSpirit020 wanted something different with her new OC and so she went with the idea of the student similar to Cupid, "From Monster High but transfers to Ever After High", but unlike Cupid, Jasper and her father moved for unknown reasons.
  • Jasper originally had 2 pets, one being a ferret, but was discarded.
  • Jasper's Dragon Games outfit was inspired by the Evil Queen's Dragon Games attire.
  • If Jasper were to have a Pokémon Team, it would consist of:
    • Manectric, Electrike may be based on a maned wolf pup and a yōkai of Japanese lore, the 雷獣 Raijū.
    • Jolteon, inspired by the Raiju.
    • Luxray, to go with her lightning powers.
    • Talonflame, represent her best friend, Garrett, son of the Phoenix[1]
    • Alolan Ninetales, to represent her crush Snow Claus, son of Santa Claus.
    • Lycanroc, midday form, to represent her pet wolf, Storm.


Written by me

  • Meeting Jasper - Being Rewritten
  • Christmas with the Claus
  • Going to Jasper's Home
  • Parent's Day
  • Unexpected Changes
  • Snow's Gift

Written by others


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