Raiden Rai (The Raiju)

Jasper's father, the Raiju, also known as Raiden Rai, in the Monster World and later Ever After World. Since Jasper's father is the one that raised her (with her knowing nothing about her mother), she is a complete "Daddy's Girl", but isn't spoiled. Jasper was taught to work for what she wants, never to have anything handed to her. Every once in a while, Jasper will ask about her mother, but her father never gives her a straight answer. Jasper's father tends to call Jasper, his "Little Lightning".


A year and a half after graduating from Ever After High, Jasper becomes pregnant with Snow's daughter, that she later names Serena. However, she is scared to what Snow will think and ends up vanishing. After a long chase and hide and sneak, Jasper reveals Serena to Snow...

A year later, Snow asks Jasper to marry him-to which she says yes. That same year, Jasper gives birth to identical twin boys, Soren and Nick and five years later, she has their final child, a little girl named Dove.

Nicholas and Annalina Claus

Jasper never met Snow and Destiny's father before his sudden death. But she was told a lot about him by Snow and Destiny. She is sad to have been able to meet him but is glad she was able to meet their mother. As a gift to Destiny, as the new Santa Claus, and her mother, Jasper sent up four Ice Dragons (two brothers and two sisters), all four being siblings, and had them trained to not attack/eat the other animals at the North Pole. She had them trained to help out however they could. Jasper named the four, Nieve, Polar, North and Eirlys, but let the Claus's know they could change the names if they wanted.

Best Friends Forever After

Garrett Blackburn

Garrett Blackburn is Jasper's Best Friend Forever After. At first, Jasper didn't want to try to talk to him due the many amount of teasing she was getting from school anyway. However, they ended up talking more than just the normal "Hi" and "Bye" when one of the Dragons at her father's Ranch went out of control, and they had to team up to stop it from going into the city. A while after that, Jasper slowly opened to Garrett (he never rushed her) and within the next year, the two were best friends and Garrett defended her from the bullies at school.

Like her, Garrett is another monster transfer, plus, they knew each other back in the World of Monsters. She finds him funny, and understands how he feels being in a world of Fairy Tales when he's a monster. She cares for him, like a brother would, not romantically. He was the only other person she would actually talk to, besides her father.

Dreamy Charming

Dreamy, or as Jasper calls her "Yume" (which is Dream in Japanese), since her accent sometimes makes it hard for her to say Dreamy's name. Dreamy is Jasper's roommate and her first friend at Ever After High. While they didn't really speak to one another, only when seeing each other in the dorm, they finally spoke to one another when Fay needed help catching her puppy Baldoin, who had run off.

Later, Jasper gifts Dreamy with her first pet: one of Storm's offspring, a female wolf named "Piper".


Destiny Claus

Originally meeting through Shahra, Jasper became good friends with Destiny - despite her rather upbeat and bubbly personality (which often got Jasper a little nervous around her). Their relationship grows more when Jasper goes with Destiny to the North Pole for Christmas, where she meets Destiny's family, including her twin brother (who later becomes a love interest to Jasper), Snow.

Upon Jasper's marriage to Destiny's twin brother, Snow, the two become sister-in-laws and much closer. While they don't live in the same area (Jasper and Snow living at her father's ranch due to the perfect climate for the dragons she raises and cares), they do spend Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter together every year. Destiny also tends to spoil her nieces and nephews, much to Jasper's dismay - but still loves Destiny. With her marriage to Snow, Jasper becomes the maternal aunt to Destiny and Anne's children, Belle and Reiner.

Fay Fairer

Fay was the first person after Shahra that Jasper befriended. They first met when Fay's puppy, Baldoin, had run off and ran to the Dragon Stables. That was where Jasper and Fay met and where Jasper also revealed to Fay (who is the first to learn of Jasper's true nature) of being a Monster. Despite that, Fay still sees Jasper as a normal girl and helps her be herself.

Tunisia Schehera

Through Destiny, Jasper met and befriended Tunisia Schehera, daughter Queen Scheherazade and King Shahryar from One Thousand and One Nights. Jasper gave Tunisia the nickname "Isi" due to Jasper unable to properly pronounce her name.

Nefertari Zahra

Jasper has also befriended Nefertari Zahra, the daughter of Rhodopis. She met Nefertari alone while trying with her dragons for an upcoming Dragon Games.

Pirouette Dancer

Coming Soon

Family of her Friends

During Parent's Day, she met Fay's parents, and she was little scared by her friend's mother, and was being complained by the Queen, since Jasper is a monster. Luckily, she had Fay to back her up.

When visiting Destiny and her family, she met Destiny's parents and instantly formed a bond with Mrs. Claus due to her lack of having a mother figure in her life.

Scarlet Anne d'Herblay

Jasper is on even terms with Destiny's girlfriend, Scarlet Anne d'Herblay, daughter of Aramis d'Herblay from The Three Musketeers. Jasper has no problem with Destiny and Scarlet going out and is happy to see both happy.


Jasper has a pet male wolf that is stormy gray in color and named Storm. Storm is very protective over Jasper, and actually doesn't like to leave her alone. When near Jasper and it's just the two of them, Storm acts like a big playful puppy. Storm is very tame and actually will only obey Jasper’s orders. He doesn't like it Jasper is away from him and will go after her, but during the times at Ever After, he will obey and remain in her room.

At home, Jasper owns a lot of dragons, but her main one is a male black dragon named Black Beauty, who has the ability to change his size. It is unknown how he has the ability, but it could be possible that he was the sibling of Raven Queen's Nevermore, but it is only a rumor.

When her friends visit her at her home, due to her not being in school for over a week, Jasper gives them each their own dragon. Fay gets a female dragon that can breathe water named Marée. Destiny gets a female that can breathe ice, who she names Northelyn. Later, Jasper gives Snow a dragon, who he names Polstjärnan (meaning "North Star").


Blake Von Dark

Completely unknown to her, the son of Von Rothbart, Blake Von Dark, harbors a crush on Jasper. Sadly, she only sees him as a friend.

Snow Claus

Jasper originally met Snow Claus when he first came to Ever After High. Destiny was giving Snow a tour of Ever After High and they had stopped at the stables having heard that Jasper was currently there doing training with Legend.

Upon meeting, Jasper found Snow cute and funny–especially when he turned red and flustered. Snow was even shocked and amazed to learn about Jasper's lightning abilities and found them cool. Throughout the school year, the crush continued.

You re no monster by wiseunicorn-dae1xgk

"You are not a monster." - Snow to Jasper

It isn't until the following year, and after Parent's Day do they take the next step. Shortly after Parent's Day, and with a blessing from Jasper's father, and a push from Scarlet and Destiny, Snow finally got the courage to ask Jasper out on a date. Jasper was actually waiting for Snow to make the first move as she was very nervous. The date went without a problem and the two went on a few more dates before Snow asks Jasper to be his girlfriend. Jasper was very happy and was happy to find someone who did not treat her like a monster, but a normal being.

They end up marrying two years after graduating (after Snow and her friends chase Jasper through Monster World after she had fled for unknown reasons to him, only to learn that she was pregnant with their daughter, Serena), and Snow moves in with Jasper on her father's ranch.

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