Jewel the Bat
Personal data
Nicknames JJ, Mini Rouge
Alias Guardian Jewel
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Mobian bat-echidna
Occupation Guardian-in-training
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Nova-Lioness

Jewel the Bat (ジューアル ・ザ ・バット Juuaru za Batto) is a Sonic: Next Generation character and the daughter of Knuckles the Echidna and Rouge the Bat and the older sister of Drake the Echidna. She is next in line to become Guardian and the love interest of Prince Raiden of Azaria.

Physical description

Jewel is a 15-year old anthropomorphic Mobian bat and the daughter of Knuckles and Rouge. Jewel takes after her mother but has her father's dreadlocks. She has white fur with her dreadlocks having red tips, purple eyes and tan skin. She wears a long-sleeve purple jacket over a red top, blue jean shorts, dark boots and white fingerless gloves.



  • Knuckles the Echidna (father)
  • Rouge the Bat (mother)
  • Drake the Echidna (younger brother)


Jewel has a close bond with her family, but is closer to her father, due to her being trained to be the next Guardian. Jewel loves her younger brother dearly and the two often spar against each other.


As the daughter of Knuckles and Rouge, it was clear that Jewel could gain either of her parents abilities.


  • Chaos energy manipulation: From her father, Jewel gained his powers to control chaos energy. Jewel is capable to generate, create, control, and absorb chaos energy.
    • Energy projection: Jewel is able to project chaos energy in the forms of beams, blasts, and barriers.
    • Ergokinetic constructs: Jewel is able to create constructs out of chaos energy.
    • Ergokinetic combat: Jewel is able to fuse chaos energy into combat.
    • Force-Field generation: Jewel is able to generate force-fields with chaos energy.
    • Teleporation: Jewel is able to alter space and time for various affects.
    • Chaos attacks: Jewel can unleash chaos energy in the forms of attacks.
    • Chaos Energy sense: Jewel is able to sense sense chaos energy and when a Chaos Emerald is nearby.
    • Communication with the Master Emerald: In addition, Jewel is also capable of communicating with the Master Emerald. However, she is still training under her father on this ability.
  • Flight: With her wings, Jewel is capable of flying.
  • Enhanced speed: Jewel possesses enchaned speed which she uses during flight.
  • Enhanced agility: Jewel possesses enchanced agility which she uses during flight and on land.
  • Enhanced hearing: As a bat, Jewel possesses enhanced hearing.


  • Close-combat: From her father, Jewel was trained in close-combat.


  • Loud nosies: Loud nosies can easily annoy Jewel


Jewel is the first child and daughter of Knuckles and Rouge and the older sister to Drake. Jewel grew up to be the next Guardian after her father.


  • Jewel was originally going to be Knuckles' and Rouge's younger child