Jiang Long
Jiang Long
Personal data
Age 1600
Gender Female
Species Chinese Dragon
Occupation Student of Monster High
Morality Good
Additional info
Hair color Platinum blonde, black highlights
Eye color Pale grey
Scale color Tan
Relatives Jinafire Long (cousin)
Affiliation Monster High
Friends Jinafire Long, Clawdeen Wolf and Abbey Bominable
Enemies Toralei Stripe, Meowlody and Purrsephone
Powers and skills
Powers Fire manipulation, enhanced strength
Skills Forging
Weaknesses Short temper
Production notes
Created by Sunheart13
Jiang Long is the cousin of Jinafire Long and student of Monster High.


Jiang is the daughter of the Chinese Dragon and the cousin of Jinafire Long. She has long platinum blonde hair with black highlights and wears a red and white Chinese shirt, black silk pants, and black heels.


Jiang is a very outgoing young girl but has a short temper.


Jiang is really close with her cousin, Jinafire. They are often seen together.


As a dragon, Jiang is able to control fire. But her's burns a bright white.


  • White fire manipulation: As a dragon, Jiang is the embodiment of fire, but her's burns a bright white. With it, she is able to create and control all forms of fire and heat.
    • Fire tornado: Jiang is able to create a flaming white fire tornado
    • Heat manipulation: Jiang can generate, absorb and manipulate heat.
    • Fire resistance: As a dragon, Jiang is resistant to fire and other high temperatures.
  • Flame teleportation: Jiang is able to teleport across distances by blasting a *flame.
  • Flame constructs: By using her fire, Jiang create constructs such as weapons and tools.