Template:Beyblade CharacterKailey Hagane (カイレイ・ハッガネ Kairei Haggane) is a fan character for the Beyblade Metal Fury series. Her bey is Quasar Lightning Pegasus.

Physical Description

Kailey is a girl of average hieght and weight, with a strong build, short red hair and amber eyes. She wears a red and black sleeveless shirt, a black high collar sleeveless jacket, dark grey jeans that are tucked into her black and blue boots. She also wears black and red fingerless gloves that end in the middle of forearm. She has two belt criss-crossing.

Kailey uses a String Launcher Bey Launcher with a Three Segment Launcher Grip in left-handed mode, and a Bey Point Card.


Kailey is a calm, serious, and tough battler. She will do whatever it take's to battle with her bey Quasar Lightning Pegasus, even protecting her younger brother and his friends and save the world from danger. No matter what disadvantages she faces, she never backs down from a challenge. She never gives up, and fights till the end.


Born in Koma Village, Kailey is the elder sister of Ginkga. When their village was attacked and her father was called dead, Kailey left in search for him.


Kaile uses an Attack, Mode-Changing Bey called, Quasar Lightning Pegasus, who recived a Star Fragment as well. The Pegasis beast is Pegasus, the winged horse that flew into the heavens.

Special Moves

  • Quasar Lightning Tornado: Quasar switches to its RF mode and rapidly spins in a circle, multiplying its attack power in one giant rotation that crashes into the opponent with immense force.
  • Super Cosmic Nova: Enfused with the power of every Star Fragment in the world, Pegasus soars off the ground then uses Cosmic Tornado to attack and then finally, utilising the Fragment's power, performing Super Cosmic Nova to tear through the enemy.
  • Final Drive: Pegasus can change from semi rubber flat tip to rubber flat tip.
    • Smash Mode: When Pegasis goes into this mode it can use its power to make his opponents to fly away.
    • Barrage Mode: After entering this state he rapidly hit his adversary multiple times.
    • Upper Mode: Pegasis uses this mode to mostly knock opponents out the stadium.
    • Omnidirectional Mode: Pegasis can grind the other bey and direction.

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