Kaya the Dragon
Personal data
Alias Kaya
Age 21
Gender Female
Species Mobian dragon
Occupation Travelling gem collector
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
I'm the only one of my family not to be able to fly. I’m fine with that, I can make up for my combat with crystals.
Kaya the Dragon
 Kaya the Dragon (カヤ ・ザ ・ドラッガン Kaya za Doraggan), born Mei-Qiang, is a 21 year old anthropomorphic female Mobian dragon, a descendant of Wen-Ling, the daughter of Cross, older sister of Thorn and the love interest of Caper the Bull. She is a traveling crystal collector.

Physical description

Kaya is a tall and slim light blue dragon with dark blue hair, amber eyes, tan horns, and light tan skin. She has no wings. She wears a white jacket over a pink long-sleeve shirt, a green skirt, and blue boots, carries a brown bag that she holds her gems in.


Kaya is a sweet young girl who will always help those in need. She has a thing for children and is very caring. When she first meets Caper her shy side surfaces. When in a fight, Kaya is fierce and is not easy to knock down.


As a descendant of Wen-Ling, Kaya inherited her ancestor's powers over crystal manipulation.


  • Crystal manipulation: Kaya is capable of manipulating crystals and crystalline materials. She is also able to manipulate, control and absorb the energy released naturally by crystals.
    • Crystal generation: Kaya is able generate crystals from nothing.
    • Crystal attacks: Kaya is able to unleash crystals in the form of various attacks, such as beams, bolts, blasts, waves, balls and scattershots.
    • Crystal aura: Kaya is able to surround herself in crystal energy.
    • Crystallokinetic combat: Kaya is capable of using their crystal powers in tandem with physical combat.
    • Crystallokinetic constructs: Kaya is capable of creating crystal constructs.
      • Crystallokinetic wing manifestation: Kaya is able to use her crystals to form wings to allow her to fly, however, it requires her to use a lot more energy, so she only uses it when needed.
    • Crystal surfing: Kaya is capable of surfing atop crystals or lifting herself into the air aboard crystals.
    • Crystal mimicry: Kaya is able to transform into or have a physical body made up of crystals.
    • Crystallization: Kaya is able to transform objects and people into crystals and back.
    • Crystal imprisonment: Kaya can bind or imprison beings by imprisoning them inside solid crystal.
    • Vibration emission: Kaya can generate powerful shockwaves.
    • Gemstone manipulation: Kaya can manipulate, shape and create gems and jewels.
    • Invisibility: By bending light off crystals, Kaya can make objects and herself invisible.
    • Energy absorption and redirection: Kaya is capable of absorbing and redirecting external energy through the atomic structure of their crystals
  • Enhanced speed, strength and agility
  • Enhanced durability: Kaya possesses very thick dragon scales that protects her from most physical attacks.


  • Jewelry making: As an extension to her powers, Kaya is able to use her gemstone manipulation create jewelry.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Trained by her father, Kaya possess proficient hand-to-hand combat skills.
  • Multilingual: Kaya is able to understand many languages.


  • No wings: Kaya was born without wings which renders her flightless.
  • Sound waves: Kaya's crystals can easily be shattered by powerful sound waves, rendering her powerless


  • Bag of gems: Kaya has a bag that she holds her gems that she finds
  • Book on gems: Kaya has a book that tells her all about the different types and kinds of gems. 


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