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Kylie is the younger sister of Blake, a member of Spain's Royal Guard and the personal maid/servant of Princess Camilla of Spain.

Physical description

Kylie is a young girl with mid back length blonde white hair and dark red eyes. She is always seen wearing a pendant around her neck.


Kylie is a quiet young girl who lacks self-confidence. She doesn't speak much and when she does its to obey an order or to her brother. Kylie wishes she could know who her real parents are, she understands that Alec and Cadence are her adoptive parents.


Kylie doesn't know where she is from. She and her brother were found by Alec and Cadence when they were returning to Spain by a crashed carriage. They were brought to the palace of Spain and adopted by the couple.

Fifteen years later, Kylie is now the personal servant of the snotty and bratty Princess, Camilla while her brother is part of the royal guard, specifically, Princess Camilla's guard.


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