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Kylie Reynolds
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Kylie is a new student at Duel Academy specializing in dragon types based off the Solar System.

Personal data
Nicknames Kai
Alias Kai (by Blake)
Kai-Kai (by Jesse only)
Age 14-15 (Season 1)
15-16 (Season 2)
16-17 (Season 3-4)
Gender Female
Species Human
Deck "Dracosmos" (currently)
"DARK/Dragon" (past)
Occupation Student of Duel Academy
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Oslo, Norway
Residence Duel Academy
Date of birth 31 October
Star Sign Scorpio
Ethnicity American-Norwegian
Nationality American-Norwegian
Hair color Pale blonde
Eye color Dark red
Skin color Pale
Height 5'0"
Love interest Jaden Yuki
Relatives Blake Reynolds (older brother)
Devon Reynolds (father)
Samara Reynolds (mother)
Aerwyna Reynolds (grandmother)
Partner "Halley, Dracosmos of Transiency"
Affiliation Reynolds-Lavor family, Duel Academy
Friends Jesse Anderson (best friend), Jaden Yuki, Alice Evans
Powers and skills
Powers Duel Spirit communication
Skills Dueling proficiency, extensive knowledge on history
Equipment Duel disk (KaibaCorp and Academy-Issued)
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Trials of Darkness
Chaos of The Light
The Dark Dimensions
Nightmare of Darkness
New Changes (alternate counterpart)
Growing up, family traveled a lot, never staying in one place. Because of that, I didn't like to make friends. Jesse, is the only one true friend I had despite my family always traveling.
Kylie Reynolds

Kylie Chloe Reynolds (キーリエ・レナルドズ Kiirie Renarudozu) is the daughter of Devon and Samara Reynolds, granddaughter of Aerwyna Reynolds, and younger sister of Blake Reynolds. She is a First Year Obelisk Blue Student at Duel Academy. Kylie duels with a deck called the "Dracosmos", dragons based off the Solar System. Because of her parents' jobs, she and her family are constantly traveling, resulting in Kylie never made long-term friendship. The only person she was able to keep a long friendship with is her childhood best friend, Jesse Anderson.

Following a summer spent with Jesse, Kylie starts staying with her brother in Domino City due to her learning of Duel Academy and later applying to attend there. 

Physical description

Kylie is a slim girl of average height and weight. She is said to be an exact replica of her mother, having he dark red eyes, with her father's pale blonde hair. She usually keeps her hair pulled back, and later starts having it in a low bun-ponytail style.

Kylie wears a slightly modified version of the Obelisk Blue Girls' uniform: black sleeveless turtleneck shirt, open jacket, blue skirt, black leggings, calf-length brown boots, and black fingerless gloves. Around her waist, she has a purple belt with her blue Deck Case attached to it. She also wears a pair of silver, small hoop earrings. Around her neck is a black thin chain with a blue opal attached to it. She later reveals that it's been in her father's family for generations.

When not in uniform, Kylie's outfits vary, but her main one consists of a blue and white, long-sleeved zipper hoodie over a light gray lose fitting top with a design on the front, blue jeans, and her brown boots. She continues to have her deck case attached to her belt.


Kylie is a young girl with fascination in ancient history and mythical creatures. With her family constantly moving since she was around eight, she kept to herself, not really making friends, as she knew the friendship would not last. The only friend she could keep for a long time is her childhood friend Jesse Anderson. Even though of her parents' busy jobs, she still maintains a normal parent-child relationship. She has a close bond with her parents.

When she was younger, Kylie was almost always found reading a book and did not know how to make friends and didn't find it necessary since their family was always on the move. However, thanks to Blake getting her into Duel Monsters, her social skills are much better and she isn't afraid of making friends. She's able to interact with people her age and older through dueling and the Duel Tournaments she'd attend.

While she duels, Kylie tends to not show any emotion, something she picked up from her brother. Because of this, not many people know what she is thinking about when dueling. She doesn't mean to not show any emotion, but it ended up becoming a habit. Kylie has been trying to show more emotion when dueling, but still, it is a work in progress. With her newly discovered ability to see Duel Spirits, Kylie still gets freaked out over seeing Halley and tends to jump to surprise when Halley shows up without warning.

Kylie does not like it when people brag, think they know everything, or don't try. She can't stand people like that but has learned that not everyone is the same and everyone has different ways to go. She learns that after meeting Jaden and his "slacker" ways, especially with not trying hard on his homework. Though, she's kind of declared herself as his tutor and makes him work (his sister and aunt are very grateful for that).

By the time she is one of the chosen students to protect the Sacred Beasts, she is fine with Halley or any other of her Spirits showing up. She is most often seen with "Solar Magician" hovering nearby. 



  • Duel spirit communication: Kylie can see and talk to Duel Spirits. However, she did not gain the ability until after she got the "Dracosmos". She is mainly seen talking to "Halley, Dracosmos, of Transiency", but later appears to be seen talking with "Solar Magician".
  • High intelligence: Kylie is incredibly smart for her age and due to that, managed to skip a grade.


  • Dueling proficiency: Kylie is a very skilled duelist, having participated in minor dueling tournaments and of course dueling her brother.
  • Adaptability: Kylie is extremely adaptable when dueling, quickly able to change with whatever she has to play. She is very skilled in changing a plan in a second. This tactic tends to annoy Blake when they duel.
  • Extensive knowledge on ancient history: Because of the constant travels, and her staying mainly in the library before she got into dueling, Kylie is well knowledgeable in countries ancient history.
  • Multilingual: Kylie is able to speak Norwegian, Japanese, and English.


  • Academy-issued Duel Disk
  • Kaiba Corp Duel Disk
  • Laptop: When in class, Kylie carries a laptop around that has downloaded textbooks when she took her online courses.


Prior to the series

Born in Oslo, Norway, Kylie is the youngest child and only daughter of archaeologists Devon and Samara Reynolds and the younger sister of Blake Reynolds. In kindergarten, she befriended Jesse Anderson who protected her some bullies. She later learned that her father was friends with Jesse's parents Christian and Raelyn. She lived in Norway up until second grade when the moved due to Devon and Samara's jobs.

With her parents' busy jobs, the Reynolds family traveled a lot, resulting in Kylie and Blake taking online courses, and never staying in one place for a long time. Because of the constant moves, Kylie didn't work on making friends. To avoid trying to make friends, Kylie would just go to the nearest library and read on the country's ancient history. While Blake would try to get her outside and not be so antisocial, most attempts didn't work.

It wasn't until the family was in Peru with their parents doing some work at an ancient dig. A dueling tournament was being held in the city, and Blake took the chance to get Kylie out: and it worked. Kylie quickly got into Duel Monsters and Blake taught her everything he knew. He then helped her make her first deck, a "DARK-Dragon" deck with her first card being "Dark Armed Dragon".

The summer before she applied for Duel Academy, Kylie joined Jesse, who was going to be in a Dueling Tournament. In the end, she got a surprise but promised to keep it a secret. Before leaving the Dueling Tournament, Kylie was drawn to a set of cards. It was then she came into the possession of the "Dracosmos" cards and also learning that she can see Duel Spirits, her Spirit Partner being "Halley, Dracosmos of Transiency".

Upon returning home, Blake - who was living in Japan at the time with his longtime girlfriend Aria King - sent Kylie a notice about Duel Academy. Talking with her parents, it was then decided Kylie could apply and would live with Blake in Domino City.

Trials of Darkness

Not shown, but it is implied that Kylie studied countless hours for the Duel Academy Written Exams, and passed which allowed her to move on to the Duel Portion of the Exams.


Devon and Samara Reynolds

Kylie has a normal parent-child relationship with her parents. Despite her parents' busy jobs, they always made sure to have time for Kylie and her brother.

Blake Reynolds

Kylie is extremely close to her brother, much closer to him than her parents. She would follow him around, not that he minded. Blake ended up having to drag Kylie out of the library in the country they were visiting just to get her outside and to have fresh air (that lasted until Kylie was around nine years old). When Kylie was ten, Blake introduced her to Duel Monsters by taking her to a Duel Tournament when they were in South America with their parents (who were doing some special digs near Machu Picchu). Thanks to Blake, Kylie started spending more time outside of the libraries and meeting people through dueling. Her social skills also improved thanks to dueling. Blake even helped Kylie make her first deck, a "DARK-Dragon" Deck.

Jesse Anderson

Kylie met her best friend Jesse Anderson in kindergarten back when they were living in Norway. Kylie was getting bullied because of her dark red eyes. Jesse stood up for her and since then, the two have been friends.Even after Kylie and her family moved from Norway, the two continued to stay in contact. Jesse is Kylie's go-to-friend to help or advise if her brother or parents can't help here. Her relationship with Jesse is very close, to the point where Kylie just calls him her brother. Jesse is still there for Kylie all the time, while not being there in person, he is there for her. Kylie usually calls him every day and just talks about random things.

"Halley, Dracosmos of Transiency"

Halley is Kylie's Duel Spirit and her first Spirit Partner. It was thanks to Halley that Kylie is even able to see and speak with Duel Monsters. It took her a while to get used to Halley popping out and surprising her, but soon she got the hang out it. Eventually, she got the courage to speak to the Spirit of her "Solar Magician" who then became her Second Spirit Partner.


Dracosmos Deck

Kylie duels with a "Dracosmos" Deck, which focuses on Dragon-Type monsters that are based on the planets of the solar system and astronomical objects. Her style of battling relies around on providing card advantage when they are summoned or banished.

In arc 1 of season 1, Kylie has "Blazar, the Shining Dracosmos" as her "ace". It is later revealed that "Blazar" is not her main ace, it is in fact "Inanis, Dracosmos of Nihility", a stronger dragon she keeps hidden.

Effect Monsters

  • Halley, Dracosmos of Transiency
  • De Mairan, Dracosmos of Obscurity
  • Stella, Dracosmos of Wishes
  • Nova, Dracosmos of Beginnings
  • Mercury, Dracosmos of Boundaries
  • Venus, Dracosmos of Prosperity
  • Terra, Dracosmos of Abundance
  • Mars, Dracosmos of Conflict
  • Jupiter, Dracosmos of Power
  • Saturn, Dracosmos of Eternity
  • Uranus, Dracosmos of Freedom
  • Neptune, Dracosmos of Life
  • Pluto, Dracosmos of Despair
  • Arcturus, Dracosmos of Protection
  • Rigel, Dracosmos of Guidance
  • Inanis, Dracosmos of Nihility

Fusion Monsters

  • Blazar, the Shining Dracosmos
  • Quasar, the Ultimate Dracosmos
  • Unus, the First Dracosmos

Ritual Monsters

  • Luna, Dracosmos of Dreams
  • Sol, Dracosmos of Hope
  • Lunar Magician
  • Solar Magician

Spell cards

  • Galaxy Magic Ritual x2
  • Shooting Star
  • Dracosmic Circle
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Supernova
  • Dracosmic Draw
  • Sunspot Power Source
  • Dracosmic Arrival
  • Dracosmic Convergence
  • Dracosmic Eclipse
  • Dracosmic Fusion x2
  • Dracosmic Wings
  • Aurora Australis
  • Wormhole
  • Pot of Greed
  • Trade-In
  • Graceful Charity
  • Card Rotator
  • Dragonic Tactics
  • Return of the Dragon Lord
  • Silver's Cry

Trap cards

  • Negate Attack
  • Dracosmic Syndrome
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Cosmic Counter
  • Cosmic Revival
  • Call of the Haunted
  • Galaxy Dimension
  • Galactic Dragon
  • Final Attack Orders
  • Royal Decree
  • Dragon Evolution
  • Dragon Gust
  • Dragon Switch
  • Dragon's Descent
  • Three Strikes Barrier
  • Mirror Force

DARK-Dragon Deck

As a child, Kylie dueled with a "DARK-Dragon" Deck, mostly on DARK-Attribute Monsters and Dragons. She does have a few non-DARK monsters.

Normal Monsters

  • Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  • Divine Dragon Ragnarok
  • Hunter Dragon

Effect Monsters

  • Dark Valkyrie
  • Dark Armed Dragon
  • Dark Horus
  • Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair
  • Darkstorm Dragon
  • Schwarzschild Limit Dragon
  • Lord of D.

Fusion Monsters

  • King Dragun

Spell cards

  • Polymerization

Capsule Monsters

In Capsule Monsters GX, Kylie gets the following monsters:

  • Bau the Black Dog Beast
  • Dark Valkyria
  • Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  • Genesis Dragon

Name Etymology

The name Kylie comes from Australia meaning "boomerang". It is also the feminine version of the name "Kyle".  Reynolds is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Reynold", where the given name of the father, "Reynold", or "Reginald", was a Germanic name meaning "Powerful Ruler" (possibly an alteration of the Old French name Reinold).


  • Originally, Kylie was named Payton Anderson and Jesse's sister.
  • Kylie is highly allergic to cats, showing her favoritism towards dogs. Because of her allergy, she can't be in the same room with a cat for more than a few seconds. She has to carry medicine so she doesn't go into a panic.
  • Because of her birthday being in October, Kylie technically wouldn't have been able to apply for Duel Academy. Her test scores were what got her into the Academy at an early age.
    • She is technically a grade younger than Jesse, but due to her high intelligence, has skipped a grade and is the same grade level as him.
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