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Kylie Reynolds
Personal data
Nicknames Kai
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Forks High School Student
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Birth date October 31, 1989
Star sign Scorpio
Place of origin Albuquerque, New Mexico
Residence Forks, Washington
Ethnicity American-Norwegian
Nationality American-Norwegian
Hair color Pale blonde
Eye color Dark red
Skin color Pale
Height 5'0"
Love interest Jaden Yuki
Relatives Blake Reynolds (brother)
Devon Reynolds (father †)
Samara Reynolds (mother †)
Carly Reynolds (ancestor)
Affiliation Reynolds-Lavor family
Friends Jesse Anderson, Taylor Montgomery
Powers and skills
Powers Mental Shield
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Caught Between Two Worlds

Kylie Reynolds is the younger sister of boxer champion Blake Reynolds and the only daughter of the late Devon Reynolds and Samara Reynolds. She is also the love interest of Jaden Yuki.

Following the unexpected passing of her parents, Kylie was sent to live with her brother, her only remaining family in Forks, Washington.

Physical description

Kylie is said to be an exact copy of her mother, Samara, having her blonde whitish colored hair and dark red eyes. Her hair is long and is almost near her waist due to the lack of care and her bangs are close to her chin, which Kylie tends to hide behind. She is of average height, but is little underweight because of her father.


Kylie tends to keep to herself, but is a kind and caring young woman. In terms of school ranking, she's in the nerd area, smart and keeps to herself. She does have a knack for Myths and Legends and has an entire bookshelf full of them. Along with that, she loves reading and writing her own stories involving myths and legends.



  • Mental Shield: Kylie has a unique ability where is able to shield herself and those around her from supernatural powers that affect the mind. However, she is unaware of this power and does not she is naturally shielding herself.


Early Life

Kylie was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Devon Reynolds and Samara Lavor and the younger sister of Blake. Growing up, she and Blake had a close bond - and still do - even though he's moved away from home.

Months after her sixteenth birthday, Devon and Samara were suddenly killed - cause of death is unknown - and Kylie was sent to live with her only family, Blake.

Caught Between Two Worlds

Following her move to Forks, Kylie finds herself being a loner as the new girl at school. But right away, she attracts the attention of Taylor Montgomery one of the semi-popular girls, but one of the nicest girls at school. Shortly after her, Kylie finds her attention drawn to a boy who she thought was another new student, only to learn that he is not a new student, he was just away due to family issues.



Older Brother - Blake Reynolds

Blake is Kylie's older brother by 8 years and her legal guardian. Kylie has a normal sister-brother relationship with Blake but the two are extremely close since Blake did most of the raising of Kylie when their parents were still alive.

Parents - Devon Reynolds and Samara Lavor

Kylie had a loving relationship with her parents prior to their deaths. But due to their work, she was mainly raised by Blake - though her parents tried very hard to be there for Kylie. Their death sadden Kylie very much. It was thanks to Blake was she was able to get through it.



  • Kylie takes Bella's place in the Twilight universe.
  • Kylie has AB Blood.
Caught Between Two Worlds