Other Characters


The following is a list of the other characters in Legend of the Dragons, arranged alphabetically.

Littleton Family

Justin Littleton

Justin Littleton is a well-known professional duelist, husband of Natalie Littleton, and the father of Amber Littleton. 

Natalie Littleton

Natalie Littleton is a famous fashion designer, wife of Justin Littleton, and mother of Amber. 

Amber Littleton

Amber Littleton is the 19-year-old daughter of Justin and Natalie. She is a huge fan of Jaden Yuki and wants him all for herself, not believing that Kylie Reynolds is good for her. Her plans to get Jaden are failed due to Jaden's sister, Reina, Payton's brother, Jesse and

Rivers-Kane Family

Derek Rivers

Derek Rivers is Brooke's cousin, and the father of Rebeca, and Mr, Rivers' nephew. Unlike his daughter, he has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes.

Rebeca Rivers

Rebeca Rivers is Brooke's second cousin. The daughter of her cousin, Derek, from her father's side. Rebeca has pale blonde hair and blue eyes. She makes her appearance in Chapter 2 during the wedding of her second cousin and meets her second cousin's future-husband's younger brother. She likes him only for his status and beings to flirt with him only to get pushed away.

Lucas Rivers

Lucas Rivers is the young brother of Mr. Rivers and Derek's father.

Megan Kane

Megan Kane is Brooke's cousin on her other's side. She has green hair and amber eyes.

Morgana Kane

Morgana Kane is the sister of Amelia Rivers (née Kane) and therefore the aunt of Brooke and Megan's mother.

Santos family

Mr. Santos

Mr. Santos is the father of Carlos Santos and Elena Santos. He is the husband of Mrs. Santos and five other boys. He is the CEO of a company in Brazil. He lost his parental rights over Elena after his failure in raising Elena.

Mrs. Santos

Mrs. Santos is a famous model ,the mother of Carlos, Elena and five other boys and the wife of Mr. Santos.

Santos Brothers

Five unnamed brothers are the other sons of Mr. and Mrs. Santos and Carlos' younger brothers and Elena's older brothers.

Xiang Family

Mei-Li Xiang

Mei-Li Xiang is the grandmother of Kira Xiang and her primary raiser. Mei-Li doesn't appear in the series, is only mentioned by Kira. She's mentioned when Jesse asks who's house they are in when they attend the Duel Tournament Party.

Kira Xiang

Kira Xiang is a girl that appears during the Duel Party. She finds Jesse interesting but after learning that he has a girlfriend, backs up. But remains as good friends.

Yuki Family

Cori Yuki

Cori Yuki is the wife of Arata Yuki and the mother of Kurai, Jaden and Reina Yuki. Cori has dark brown hair, almost black, and grayish-brown eyes. Due to work, Cori and her husband were never around during their youngest children's childhood. Cori feels very bad about not being their for her children. After learning about her granddaughters, Cori retires from work to be able to spend time with them.



Crystal is a female German Shepherd and the mate of Storm. A just 18 months old, she is gifted to Jaden Yuki and Kylie Reynolds by Megan Kane shortly after Jemma is born. Due to the fact that Jaden was out a lot and Kylie was home alone with infant Jemma, Megan (and of course the rest of the Yuki-Rivers-Kane family) were worried for Kylie's safety, especially since the last time she was alone, she was kidnapped. Crystal was trained as a guard dog by a friend of Megan's and at just 18 months, Crystal was ready to protect and guard both Kylie and Jemma. 

The Ties That Bind series
Caline Alvarez
Carson Alexander