This page consists of the timeline of events within the story Legend of the Dragons in chronological order.


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Time Description
Unknown time
  • Legendary Dragon Saturn bonds with Jaden.
  • Alexandria Ramírez meets Kylie and Jesse.
  • Alex and Kylie become best friends
  • Alex and Jesse begin to date.
Unknown time
February 14
  • Jaden comes back to Domino City after traveling for four years.
June 23
  • Alex comes to Japan
September 3
  • Duel Tournament Party.
December 4
  • Kylie goes missing. The search for Kylie begins.
December 5
  • Kylie meets Kyla Reid when being held at the Dragon Hunters' Headquarters.
December 18
  • Jaden reveals Legendary Dragon Saturn to Kylie and Jesse while dueling Dagon Hunter Marcus Kyle. The hunt for the Legendary Dragons begins.
December 20
  • Reina and Adena bond with Legendary Dragons Earth and Sunfire.
  • Lia and Luke Avalon appear and duel Reina and Adena for Earth and Sunfire.
December 26
  • Kylie discovers that she is already a month pregnant.
  • Legendary Dragon Mercury bonds Kylie.
    • Mercury stays with Kylie and learns of Arashi holding Jupiter.
January 1
  • Kurai and Brooke bond with Legendary Dragons Mars and Neptune.
January 31
  • TBA
February 3
  • Dragon Hunter Camille appears and duels Kurai for Mars.
February 5
  • TBA
February 2
  • Reina meets Kai
February 24
  • Reina goes on her first date with Kai
March 13
  • Kyla meets Zane Truesdale
March 27
  • Kyla goes out for a date with Zane while leaving Kylie with June and Arashi.
August 26
  • Jesse is kidnapped when searching for Kylie.
August 27
  • Reina learns who Kai really is and gets the location of the Dragon Hunters Headquarters and why they might need Kylie and Jesse.
August 28
  • Jaden, the rest of the Legendary Dragon Holders, and Kai, storm the Dragon Hunters Headquarters to save Jesse and Kylie. Jaden and friends duel the Dragon Hunters to get past.
  • Reina finds Jesse, but they are forced to duel Lia and Luke. Jaden finds Kylie, and learns that she is pregnant with his child. Jaden duels, Ciaran and Calindor. The mastermind behind Calindor is revealed to be Nightshroud.
  • Jaden duels Nightshroud.
  • Kylie's water breaks forcing her into an early labor.
August 29
  • After 16 hours, Jemma is born at the Dragon Hunters Headquarters.
  • Kylie and Jemma are taken Domino Hospital
August 31