Lyla Lapis
Lyla Emblem
Personal data
Title "Lapis Blue"
Age 17
20 (when RWBY comes to Beacon)
Gender Female
Emblem Lyla Emblem
Species Fanus
Occupation Member of Team CBLT
HuntressBeacon Academy Student
Sanctum Academy Student (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Active
Additional info
Place of origin Mistral
Hair color Dark blue
Eye color Navy
Skin color Pale
Love interest Seth Blaine
Partner Seth Blaine
Friends Cleo Zlatko, Seth Blaine, Garnet Tyler
Powers and skills
Semblance Telekinesis
Weapon Wolf's Fangs
Powers Aura, telekinesis, enhanced speed, strength, and endurance, enhanced senses, night vision
Skills Gauntlet proficiency, combat training
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances The Start of CBLT
I grew up in a large family. This is nothing.
Lyla Lapis

This page is comprised of Lyla Lapis's relationships with various other characters he interacts with.


Beacon Academy

Lyla is a first year student at Beacon Academy.


Lyla is a member of Team CBLT.

Sanctum Academy

Lyla is a graduate of Sanctum Academy.


  • Unnamed parents
  • Two older brothers


Lyla's relationship with her family is unknown, but she mentions to being raised in a "Pack" like family - like an actual wolf pack.

Love interest

Seth Blaine

Seth is Lyla's partner and fellow teammate. Lyla didn't have much of a love relationship with Seth right away. She only saw him as a friend but after he was rejected (so to speak) by Cleo, she began to help him out and soon she started to gain a crush on him.


Cameron Zlatko

Lyla meets Cleo's uncle when he comes to check up on her. Like with Garnet, she does find him rather intimidating due to his protectiveness over Cleo along with that he is a well known Huntsmen. Eventually, she finds him to only to be protective

Cleo Zlatko

Cleo is Lyla's leader and fellow teammate. She will obey her at all costs but does try her to have fun every once in a while - which usually ends in a failure.

Garnet Tyler

Garnet is Lyla's teammate. Their relationship is like a normal teammate.

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