Maya Storm
Biographical information
Born August 1895; Rome
Changed 1921
Age 110 (actual age)
26 (when turned)
Created by Marcus Storm
Physical description
Species Vampire
Gender Female
Hair color Reddish-brown
Eye color Gray (as human)
Black (when thirsty)
Skin color Pale
Family information
Relatives Marcus Storm (husband)
Elijah Storm (adoptive son)
Stacy Lane (adoptive daughter)
Nicole Storm (adoptive daughter)
Kellan Storm (adoptive son)
Cody Lane (adoptive son)
Special characteristics
Abilities Basic vampire abilities
Occupation Architect
Loyalty Storm Coven

Maya Storm (born Maya Connell) is the matriarch of the Storm coven. She is the wife of Marcus Storm and the adoptive mother of Nicole, Kellan, Elijah Storm, Stacy and Cody Lane.

In 1921, she fell terribly ill and Marcus transformed her into a vampire on her deathbed. Sometime later, the pair fell in love and married, starting to build a family of like-minded vegetarian vampires around them. Maya possessed an unparalleled capacity for passionate love for those around her, which allowed the members of her adoptive family to consider her as the greatest maternal figure in their lives. She is the oldest Storm in appearance by three years (though Cody, Elijah and Marcus are older as they were transformed earlier in their lives).

Physical description

Physically, Maya is the oldest member in the Storm family, being changed at the age of 26. She was described to be extremely beautiful with long reddish-brown hair, delicate eyebrows, and a small slender figure that was less angular and more rounded compared to the rest of her family. Her human eye color was gray.


Maya is an extremely warm individual who is gifted with the ability to love the people around her passionately. She has always had strong maternal instincts, which is why she is able to open her heart so easily to her adoptive children. She is described as being as intelligent as her husband, and a very kind and gentle person. The people around her are genuinely drawn toward her gentle personality.



  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Exceptional self-control
  • Enhanced passionate love


  • Hand-to-hand combat: While she is not the most skilled, Maya is able to hold her own in combat.
  • Artistic perspective: Maya, as a very creative and artistic person, works as an architect and enjoys restoring old houses. She has earned degrees in architecture and art, and has studied photography.


Early life

Maya Connell was born in 1895 in Rome. She had a happy childhood, teenager years and even young adult years. During her late teenage years and early adult hood, after breaking up with her abusive ex-boyfriend, she met Marcus Storm who was traveling through Rome at the time.

At some point in 1921, she fell ill, which would lead to her death. In order to save her life, Marcus decided to change her into a vampire.

When Maya first woke up from her transformation, Marcus explained what happened and that he turned her into a vampire in order to save her life. To his surprise, Maya was not upset with his act and she easily accepted her new life. Maya and Marcus later fell in love and got married. The real challenge for her was the blood lust, and she lost control of her thirst a few times. In time, Stacy and Kellan were transformed by Marcus as well, and Nicole and Cody joined the family, becoming her surrogate children, though Maya has a special place in her heart for Elijah because he was the first of her adoptive children.


Maya is the mother figure of the Storm family, the wife of Marcus Storm. She is the adoptive mother of Nicole, Kellan and Elijah Storm, Stacy and Cody Lane. Maya has particular care for Elijah, being the first of her adoptive children.

Marcus Storm

Marcus is Maya's husband, and the love her of her life. Originally meeting when Maya was in her late teens, early adult hood, Maya felt a strong connection to Marcus. They eventually met up again at Maya's deathbed.
During the transformation, Maya wasn't sure if she was in heaven or in hell, but was nevertheless grateful for the chance to meet Marcus again. After he explained to her about what he had done, he expected her to be furious; to his surprise, she took the news quite well, and it did not take long before they married.
The relationship between Marcus and Maya is built on a strong spiritual and intellectual bond, aided by their intense love for each other. Maya has never regretted becoming a vampire as she is able to spend eternity with someone whom she loves, and Marcus's own love for her has never diminished.

Elijah Storm

Elijah Storm was Maya's first adoptive son, and was turned into a vampire by Marcus shortly before she was. Initially, they pretended to be brother and sister, but after Maya and Marcus fell in love she began to pose as his adoptive mother. They care for each other deeply and Elijah hates to cause her pain.

Stacy Lane

Stacy Lane was Maya's first adoptive daughter, though it was Marcus who turned her. Maya was always very affectionate towards Stacy and Stacy grew to love Maya just as much. It is later revealed that Maya and Marcus had hoped that Stacy would be a mate for Elijah, but then she found Kellan and they fell in love.
After Kellan joined the family, he and Stacy were very passionately involved for several decades and destroyed numerous houses during their lovemaking, forcing Maya and Marcus to kick them out on several occasions but always taking them back in after a short time.
Stacy strongly resents her inability to have children, as female vampires' bodies cannot change to accommodate a child. She acknowledges that Maya, though disappointed that she cannot have children of her own, doesn't feel as resentful about her infertility because she has her, Elijah, Kellan, Cody, and Nicole as substitutes to her lost child.
Maya and Stacy were both abused by their human partners, so they quickly bonded over that, and it was probably why Maya was so eager for Stacy to join the family.

Kellan Storm

Kellan was Maya's second adoptive son. He joined their "family" in 1935 after Stacy found him being mauled by a brown bear and brought him back for Marcus to transform him.
Although Kellan can sometimes be a handful, Maya loves him as much as she loves her husband and her other "children". Though she had kicked him and Stacy out a few times for ruining the houses that she and Marcus bought for them.

Nicole Storm

Nicole is Maya's second adoptive daughter. Not much is known about Maya and Nicole's relationship, but Maya loves Nicole as much as she loves her other children, and they are willing to do anything to protect one another.

Cody Lane

Cody is Maya's third adoptive son. Not much is known about Maya and Cody's relationship, but Maya loves him as much as she loves her other children, and they are willing to do anything to protect one another.


  • Maya takes Esme's place in the Caught Between Two Worlds series.
Caught Between Two Worlds

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