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Melanie King (neé Dubois) is the mother of Aria King and the wife of Tyler King, the owner of King's Diner. Originally from Pairs, France, Melanie moved away after giving birth to Aria at just the tender age of twenty. She later met Tyler while attending University of Texas at Austin, working on her degree. She married Tyler when Aria was five-years-old, after a few years of dating and seeing how much Tyler and Aria cared and loved each other. When Aria was 10, Melanie was killed in a car crash leaving Tyler to raise Aria


  • Melanie was originally named Jimena.
  • Melanie comes from Mélanie, the French form of the Latin name Melania, derived from Greek μελαινα (melaina) meaning "black, dark".
  • Melanie was born and raised in Paris France, eventually moving to North America after giving birth to Aria, and then meeting Tyler in Texas.
  • Like her Unexpected and Caught Between Two Worlds counterparts, Melanie passes away.
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