Nefertari Zara is a 2016-introduced and all-around character. She is part of the Egyptian Cinderella Fairy Tale, Rhodopis as the next Rhodopis. In the destiny conflict, she is on the Royal side as she is happy with her destiny.



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Nefertari is a beautiful young girl with long dark red hair, tied up in a French Braid over her left shoulder, with pale gold streaks. She has bright green eyes which stand out against her tanned skin. With her clothing, she leands towards having pale cream, pale gold, and Egyptian blue.


Nefertari loves learning about anything magical, hence the reason she is taking Magicology. She also enjoys doing sports and doing anything active.


  • Multilingual: As her mother is Greek, Nefertari was taught her mother's native tongue along with her father's native language, Egypt.


  • Athleticism: Nefertari is very athletic.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Rhodopis

How Does Nefertari Come Into It?

As the daughter of Rhodopis, Nefertari takes her mother's place.



Nefertari has a close relationship with both her parents. Her parents support her for anything she does, including trying to do sports, which might normally be for the males.

Best Friends Forever After

Nefertari's BFFA is Blake Von Dark. Most might find this a little odd, since she is a Cinderella in a Egyptian setting, but Nefertari does not care.

Another one of her BFFAs is Fay Fairer, daughter of the Fairer-than-a-Fariy. They originally met while in the school's garden, due to their cats. Because of Fay's accent, she has trouble saying Nefetari's name which leads Fay calling Nefetari, "Tari", which Nefertari has no problem with.


Nefertari has become friends with Shahra the Sailor for their love of adventure. They end up doing a lot of adventuring together, which have caused them to bond.

Through Shahra, Nefertari meets Jasper Rai, the daughter of the monster, the Raiju. She found the girl very interesting, especially with her powers over lightning.


Nefertari has a black male kitten that she named Baset, after the Egyptian Goddess of Felines. Baset likes to be with Fay's cat and the two always get in trouble together.

Romantic Interests

After seeing her friend, Blake become depressed after seeing that Jasper is no longer open as she begins to date Destiny Claus's twin brother, Snow Claus, she does her best to help while slowly developing feelings for her friend.


Art Nefertari's Outfits

Signature - Royals

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Legacy Day

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Date Night


Class Schedule

1st Period: Grimnastics

2nd Period: TBA

3rd Period: TBA

4th Period: TBA

5th Period: Magicology

6th Period: TBA


  • Nefertari is named after the real life Egyptian Queen, who was wife of Rameses the Great, of the same name.

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