Owner Garnet Tyler
Weapon Dust-Empowered Collapsible Saber
Type Melee, ranged, dust
Weapon derivation Collapsible sabers, dust

Northblade is Garnet Tyler's personal weapon. It is a Dust-Empowered Collapsible Saber (DECS) that Garnet has had since he was adopted by the Tyler family.



Northblade is a saber with the blade being a dark gray, with the handle being a darker grey with red highlights. The handle has a compartment where he can insert different types of Dust for different effects. Garnet wears a holster on his waist to hold Northblade.


Northblade has been with Garnet since he was adopted by the Tyler family. Apparently, Garnet had Northblade was he was found. 


RWBY characters

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