Dragon's Heart, Dragon's Claw and the Phoenix Soul have been in the Zlatko family for generations. Now, it's your turn to use it.
Cameron Zlatko

Phoenix Soul is Cleo Zlatko's signature weapon. It is a longsword and has been in the Zlatko family for many generations alongside the Dragon's Heart and Dragon's Claw.



Phoenix Soul is a longsword with a design of a red phoenix on the hilt with the phoenix's tail features trailing off like a ribbon. The blade itself-unlike most swords-is red-orange with a tint of yellow. It also has the emblem of the Zlatko family-a gold Phoenix-on the sword itself. When not in use, it is placed in a sheath that has phoenix designs along it, which is usually hidden behind Cleo's cape.


Much like with Dragon's Heart and Dragon's Claw, not much of Phoenix Soul's background is known. The only thing that is known that Cameron Zlatko gave it to Cleo before she started Signal Academy.


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