Raiden the Hedge-Tiger
Personal data
Nicknames Rai
Alias Prince of Lightning, Blitzen (when with Thunder)
Age 16
Gender Male
Species Mobian hedgehog-tiger
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Skyrost14

Raiden the Hedge-Tiger a Sonic: Next Generation character. He is the eldest son of canon character Sonic the Hedgehog and fan character Zarina the Tiger and the older brother of Amethyst the Hedge-Tiger.

Physical description

Raiden is the hedgehog-wolf son of Sonic and Zarina. Despite being half wolf, Raiden appears more hedgehog-like. He is a light blue hedgehog with a tuft of dark blue hair, emerald green eyes and peach skin. He wears a red vest, white-and-red sneakers and white gloves with gold gauntlets. On formal occasions, he wears a gold crown and red cape in place of his red vest.


Raiden enjoys adventures, fun, freedom and speed. He has a short temper, which affects his lightning as well. He gets really upset if someone mocks his parents, or teases his sisters. Raiden also shows a serious demeanor, especially when his parents have to leave on business or family matters. Raiden takes his job being the oldest very serious.



Raiden is very protective of his sister. He loves them dearly and won't take nicely to anyone who teases them because of their hedgehog-tiger heritage.

Thunder the Hedge-Tiger and Jewel the Bat

Thunder and Jewel are Raiden's best friends. The three grew up alongside each other and are sometimes referred to as the Hybrid Trio, as all three are hybrids of two species.

Thunder is Raiden's best guy friend. They are almost the same, both have lightning powers, and chaos powers, and both are the older twin. They both also hate it when people nickname them "Thunder and Blitzen". Despite their father's being rivals/friends/enemies, the two are them are the best of friends. Thunder was actually the one who helped Raiden master his lightning powers.

Jewel is Raiden's best girl friend. They are not an item yet, but both are too nervous to confess to each other.


Raiden has the power to control lightning. Raiden also gained his father's power of chaos energy manipulation. In addition, Raiden inherited his power supersonic speed, able to travel at around 700 miles per hour.


Raiden is the son of Sonic and Flare and the older twin brother of Amethyst. Raiden was born while Flare and Sonic were visiting her family. Raiden and Amethyst were born a week early and everyone feared something would go wrong; luckily they were as healthy as can be.

After their birth, Sonic and Zarina moved to Mobius. Raiden grew up alongside his best friends, Jewel, the daughter of Knuckles and Rouge, and hedgehog-tiger twins, Electrica and Thunder, though he was closer to Thunder.

Everyone called them Donner and Blitzen as nicknames, though it annoyed the two brothers.

Clash Between Worlds

After their 16th birthday, Raiden and Cerise and their friends Zaps and Thunder are suddenly warped to another world where their mother doesn't even exist! What's going to happen? Once landing in the other world, the twins meets alternative versions of their friends! What the heck is going on and why does Raiden think that Ivan Eggman is behind it


  • Raiden is Japanese for Thunder and Lightning.
  • Raiden's quills are styled like Darkspine Sonic.
  • Raiden is only called by his full name when he is in trouble
  • Raiden sometimes feels that he has the drag Thunder away from bakeries a lot
  • Raiden and Thunder are similar in ways:
    • Both are hedgehog hybrids
    • Both control the element of lightning.
    • Both the are the older one of the twins
    • Both are very protective of their younger twin sister.