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Reina Sato
Personal data
Nicknames Rei
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation North High School Student (Junior)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Birth date November 22, 2000
Star sign Sagittarius
Place of origin Orlando, Florida
Residence Phoenix, Arizona
Orlando, Florida (formerly)
Ethnicity American
Nationality American
Hair color Caramel brown
Eye color Light blue
Skin color Average
Height 5"3'
Love interest Kai Reid
Relatives Misaki Sato (mother)
Unnamed father
Friends Alexis Rhodes, Jesse Anderson
Enemies Chelsea Devins, Veronica di Michael (rivals)
Production notes
Created by PrincessAnime08
Appearances Unexpected

Reina Sato is the daughter of Misaki Sato, principle of North High School in Phoenix, Arizona. She is on bitter terms with Jaden Yuki, the loner of North High School, the son of her mother's boyfriend.

Physical description

Reina is a slim and slender young woman with long dark brown hair, which is normally up in a high ponytail, with amber-brown eyes. Her normal fall/winter outfit is a black jacket over a black and red stripped elbow-length shirt with blue jeans and a pair of sneakers.


Reina is a girl who won't take crap from anyone. She is protective of her friends and will easily beat someone up, even if it could get expelled or suspended from school. She is on bitter terms with Jaden Yuki, though no one knows why. Some people at school think it might be because Jaden's father, Ryuji Yuki and Chief of Phoenix Police, is dating her mother.


Reina was born in Orlando, Florida to Misaki Sato. She never knew her father and her mother doesn't like to talk about him. When she was three, she and her mother moved to Phoenix, Arizona where her mother was offered the job as Principle of North High School.




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