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Reina Taylor
Personal data
Nicknames Rei
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Deck "Gem-Knights"
Occupation Student of Legend Academy
Student of Dark Academy (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Dark City
Hair color Pale brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color Average
Love interest Christopher Kendrick
Relatives David Taylor (father)
Raquelle Taylor (mother)
Kevin Taylor (brother)
Michelle Taylor (sister)
Partner Lightning Phoenix
Affiliation Legend Academy
Friends Chrystal Rey, Ciara Clarkson, Stephanie Hawkins, Mitchell Jordan, Zenna Jordan
Powers and skills
Powers Communication with Mythic Beasts
Skills Dueling proficiency
Duel Disk Red body and purple blade (rectangular)
Production notes
Created by PrincessAnime08


Reina was born in Dark City to David and Raquelle Taylor. Her father is the Chief of Dark City's Police while her mother is the curator of the Yugi Muto Museum. She is the eldest daughter and child, being the older sister to twins, Kevin and Michelle. Growing up, she'd spend a lot of time with her mother at the museum and reading all about Yugi Muto.

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