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Reina Yuki
Reina Yuki
Personal data
Nicknames Rei
Alias Rei
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Werewolf
Shifted 16
Occupation Forks High Student
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Birth date November 22, 1989
Place of origin La Push, Washington
Residence Forks, Washtingon
Ethnicity Japanese-American
Nationality Japanese-American
Hair color Caramel brown, red tips
Eye color Amber-Brown
Skin color Tan
Height 5"1'
Love interest Kai Reid
Relatives Arata Yuki (father)
Cori Yuki (mother)
Jaden Yuki (brother)
Akemi Yuki (aunt)
Powers and skills
Powers Shifting, mind link, enhanced senses
Production notes
Created by PrincessAnime08
Appearances Caught Between Two Worlds

Reina Yuki is the only daughter of Alpha Arata Yuki and Luna Cori Yuki and the younger sister of Jaden Yuki. She is also the niece of Akemi Yuki and love interest of Kai Reid.

Physical description

Like her original counterpart, Reina is very slim with a petite build; she has long caramel-brown hair with red tips and amber-brown eyes.

In her wolf form, Reina is light grey-brown wolf with light golden-eyes. She is physically the smallest in her pack, possibly due to her gender.


Reina is very friendly, outgoing, and optimistic. However, get her mad and you're in a world of hurt. She cares very much for her family and like her father, worries about revealing her "true self" to the world. She is very loyal to her pack and friends and cares for them like her family. She worries about Jaden a lot when he has yet to find his "soul mate" and ends up dating random girls. Reina becomes extremely worried when he begins to see Kylie Reynolds after saving her from a vampire attack.



  • Phasing: Reina is capable of phasing into her wolf form and back into her human form.
  • Regeneration: Reina has a powerful regenerative healing factor, which allows her to heal at an abnormal rate, faster than any human being can.
    • Mind link with Wolf: Reina is able to telepathically speak with her Wolf, Teria.
  • Supernatural strength: Reina possesses supernatural strength which makes her stronger than a normal human. As a daughter of an Alpha, her strength is a little bit stronger than a normal werewolf's.
  • 'Enhanced agility and speed: Reina possesses enhanced agility and speed which makes her faster than a normal human. She is one of the fasts wolves in her pack.
  • 'Enhanced stamina: Reina possesses enhanced stamina which makes her stronger than a normal human.
  • Enhanced senses: Reina possesses enhanced hearing and smell and can see in the dark.


  • Hand to hand combat: Reina is skilled in hand to hand combat.
    • Fighting skills: Reina is also skilled in fighting while in her wolf form.


  • Silver: Like all werewolves, silver could have greatly hurt Regina.
  • Wolfsbane: If used, wolfsbane cam cause Reina to not have any contact with Teira.


Reina is the only daughter and third child of Arata Yuki, a doctor, and Cori Yuki, members of the La Push Quileute Tribe, both head of the prestigious Yuki family. She is the younger sister of Jaden Yuki (by eleven months) and niece of Akemi Yuki, a traveling werewolf. Reina was born and raised in La Push Washington and was taught the ways of the tribe by her father. At some point in time, her family moved from La Push back to Forks, her mother's hometown.

Age age 16, she phased for the first time along with Jaden due to the appearances of vampires. 

Caught Between Two Worlds

Coming Soon


  • It is possible that Reina was named after Regina Yuki, her ancestor, but it is unknown.
Caught Between Two Worlds

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