Ren Ryusaki
Personal data
Age 20
Gender Male
Species Human
Deck Unknown
Occupation Card Designer
Student of Duel Academy (former, graduated)
Morality Good
Living status Unknown
Additional info
Place of origin Domino City
Residence Unknown
Ethnicity Japanese
Nationality Japanese
Hair color Green
Eye color Blue-purple
Skin color Pale
Love interest Zahara Truesdale
Relatives Skye Ryusaki (younger sister)
Powers and skills
Powers Duel spirit communication
Skills Dueling proficiency, strategy expert, multilingual
Weaknesses Loosing Skye
Equipment Duel Disk
Production notes
Created by Nova-Lioness
Appearances Duel Chronicles
Skye's all I left of my family.
Ren Ryusaki

Ren Ryusaki (レン ・リュサッキ Ren Ryusakki) is the older brother of Skye Ryusaki and the boyfriend of Zahara Truesdale. Ren is a former student of Duel Academy and was in Obelisk Blue, having started from Slifer. It is unknown what type of Deck Ren dueled with but his Duel Spirit was Breaker the Magical Warrior, which he later gave to his sister.

Physical Description

Ren has spiky green hair and blue-purple eyes. He was last seen wearing a black long coat with silver lining over a dark blue-gray turtleneck, black jeans, and blue shoes.


Ren has a somewhat Zane-like personality, however he isn't cold to his sister. He is very protective of Skye as she is all he has left of his family. As a duelist, Ren is very calm, even when he is stuck and it looks like he has no way out. When he was in school, he didn't care that he hung with Ras and Slifers, in fact he treated everyone equally. His girlfriend was Slifer Red. Like his sister, he respects his cards and cares for them greatly.



  • Duel spirit communication: Ren is able to see and communicate with all Duel Spirits.


  • Dueling proficiency: Ren is a very skilled duelist and able to adapt and/or improvise with whatever he has on Hand.
  • Stealth: Ren possesses skills that allow her to move without being seen.
  • Multilingual: Ren is able to speak and write fluently in many languages.
  • Athleticism: Ren is highly athletic and very fit.


Ren’s only known weakness is losing his sister, as she is all he has left of his family.


  • Duel Disk


Ren is the older brother to Skye. His father died shortly before Skye was born and his mother died during labor with Skye. Ren and Skye lived with a family friend. When he turned 15, he was accepted into Duel Academy. At age 17, he graduated at the top of his class. He later got a job with Maximilion Pegasus as a card designer. Sometime during that summer, Ren met and fell in love with first year Obelisk Blue, Zahara Truesdale. They then began to date a week later.

After two years of working with Pegasus (Ren was 19), Ren suddenly disappeared; this made Skye worry very much. However before he disappeared, he left something for Skye: her Jewel Beast Deck and his signature card, Breaker the Magical Warrior.

Five years have passed and Ren still remains missing.


It is unknown what type of Deck Ren dueled with. His only known card was Breaker the Magical Warrior, which assumes that he dueled with a Spell Counter, but it is uncertain.