Runic the Chao
Runic the Chao
Personal data
Age Uncertain
Gender Genderless, appears male
Species Hero Chao
Occupation Chao Companion of Zarina the Tiger
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Nova-Lioness
Appearances Tiger's Treasure

Runic the Chao (ルニク・ザ ・チャウ Runiku za Chau) is a Hero Chao and the companion of Zarina the Tiger. Though Chao are genderless, Runic appears as a male.

Physical description

Runic appears as a white Chao with white fur covering his body. He has matching wings and sharp claws and a long fluffy tail, with the tip being a dark gray. He also has a golden halo floating above his head.


Like any other Chao, Runic is playful and kind, and is very sensitive to Zarina's feelings. In addition, as a Hero Chao he is much nicer than other Chaos and will voice his annoyance when someone is annoying Frost.


Zarina the Tiger

Zarina is whom Runic bonded with. Runic cares very much for Zarina.


Runic has many abilities due to her Chao physiology in addition to some traits she inherited through her bond with Cyan.


  • Reincarnation: As a Chao, Runic reincarnates at the end of each life cycle.
  • Enhanced speed and agility: Runic inherited Zarina's enhanced speed and agility thorough their bond.
  • Flight: As a Chao, Runic is able to fly


Zarina discovered Leta's egg shortly after leaving Sacred Valley.


  • Runic's name is probably in reference to Zarina's grandmother, Rune the Tiger.

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