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Samara Lavor
Personal data
Age 48-49
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation First Lieutenant of the US Military
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Unknown city, Norway
Residence Tokyo, Japan (stationed)
Ethnicity Norwegian 
Nationality Norwegian-American
Hair color Deep brown
Eye color Dark red
Skin color Average
Relatives Devon Reynolds (husband)
Blake Reynolds (son)
Kylie Reynolds (daughter)
Unnamed parents
Powers and skills
Skills Peak physical conditioning, expert martial artist, infiltration specialist, natural leader, tactical planner
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Trials of Darkness
Unexpected (alternate counterpart)
Caught Between Two Worlds (alternate counterpart)
Mom helps keep our world safe. She does it because she loves it. But, she does worry about us.
Blake Reynolds

Samara Lavor is the wife of the late Devon Reynolds, mother of Blake and Kylie Reynolds and First Lieutenant of the United States Military.

Physical description

Samara has long dark brown hair which she normally keeps trimmed and shoulder-length and dark red eyes. She is normally seen in a military uniform. 


Samara is a calm, mother, and friendly woman. She cares very much for her family and despite her love for her job, will drop what she is doing to help her family. She loves her job and loves helping people. 

Devon was the love of her life and the first person to help learn about love, since her parents did not know or show it. After his death, she missed him greatly and almost went down a dark path, but her children made her rethink her choice and she worked to do good.  

While her relationship with Kylie wasn't the greatest since she was away at work while Devon stayed home, she worked on it after his passing. Now, the two are still on good terms while they aren't extremely close.  



  • Stealth and infiltration: Samara is able to sneak behind enemy lines and infiltrate enemy strongholds in order to retrieve vital information, sabotage targets and perform general reconnaissance.
  • Marksmanship: Samara is an excellent sharpshooter with superb accuracy and precision. She most used weapon is her sniper rifle.
  • Natural leadership skills: Samara possesses a natural leadership skill, which led her to being promoted to "First Lieutenant".
  • Tactical planning: Samara is an intellectual planner in military operations and tactics and often coordinated practice run sparring matches as well as real military operations.
  • Expert combat training: Samara is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand and close quarters combat.
  • Flexibility
  • Peak physical conditioning
  • Enhanced speed, dexterity and athleticism


Prior to the series

Samara was born and raised in Norway. After she finished high school, she traveled to the United States to attend college. However, she eventually dropped out after getting interested in the military. While she was in her second tour, she met Devon Reynolds, a professional duelist after accidentally walking into him and spilling her iced coffee on him. Having never heard of love or seen it work, as her parents never married and they shared joint custody, Samara didn't know what she was feeling after hanging out, and later dating Devon for about two years. She eventually learned what she was feeling was and confessed to Devon about the feeling. With Samara still in the military it was hard for them to do much, but they made it work.

When she was 24, she and Devon married and a year later had Blake. Six years later, she had Kylie. Samara at the time had went from full time active duty to part time. Sadly, when Kylie was four and Blake was 10, Devon passed away from cancer. Samara was extremely heartbroken that the love of her life was gone. She wanted to stay with her children and be there for them, but sadly, she couldn't as she was called away due to the military needing another commanding officer due to the passing of another.

Trials of Darkness

Samara is first mentioned in Chapter 2 where Kylie gets a Video call from her while stationed in Tokyo.

Chaos of The Light

When Duel Academy goes to Domino City for a Field Trip, the gang, minus Kylie, run into Blake and learn that Samara is in a coma after getting an injury.


Samara has passed away due to her zero progress while in the coma and for her best interest, Blake and Kylie had her taken over life support. Despite that, she holds a deep place in her children's hearts but also, is the namesake for Kylie's daughter who she had with an ex-boyfriend: Samara Reynolds.


  • Samara was originally named "Alice Reynolds" but was changed.
Trials of Darkness series
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