The Santos family are the parents and siblings of Carlos and Elena Santos, the oldest and youngest of the siblings, respectively.


Pedro Santos

Pedro is the husband of Júlia and the father of Carlos, Enrique, Óscar, Sergi, Julian, Andrés and Elena. He is the CEO of a company in Brazil. He lost his parental rights over Elena after his failure in raising Elena.

Júlia Santos

Júlia is the husband of Pedro and the mother of Carlos, Enrique, Óscar, Sergi, Julian, Andrés and Elena. Júlia is a famous Brazilian Model and travels all over the world. She lost her parental rights over Elena after her failure in raising Elena.

Carlos Santos

At 30-years-old, Carlos is the eldest of all the siblings and has a major in Dueling History. He currently works as a history teacher at one of the universities in Domino City. When he was 21, Carlos took over raising Elena after coming home to find her wheezing and having trouble breathing. He made his parents give up their parental rights after blackmailing them where he'd reveal what they did to Elena.

Enrique Santos

At 28-years-old, Enrique is the second oldest and is the heir to Pedro's company due to Carlos not wanting it. He has a major in Business Management but also Computer Graphics.

Óscar Santos

Óscar is the third son. At 27, he works at Pedro's company with a major in Accounting.

Sergi Santos

At 25 years old, Sergi is the fourth son and middle child. He has no interest in doing anything with his father's company, but rather join his mother. Sergi has a thing with photography and is working on his Photography major, having dropped out due to issues.

Julian Santos

At 23-years-old, Julian is the fifth son, and like Sergi, has no interest in doing anything with Pedro's company. Julian is very sporty and is apart of one of the soccer teams in Brazil. He is rarely home and doesn't know about what goes on at the house.

Aarón Santos

At 16-years-old, Aarón is the youngest brother. Unlike the other brothers, Aarón doesn't like how his parents took care of Elena and left her for dead. It is later revealed that he left Brazil and traveled to Japan where he found Carlos and told him what's been happening back home. It is later revealed that he was being abused by his parents and Carlos took over as his legal guardian.

Elena Santos

At 15, Elena is the youngest of all the siblings and the only girl. Elena currently attends Duel Academy and wishes to become a Professional Duelist once she graduates.