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Personal data
Nicknames Scarlet
Alias "The Crimson Racer"
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Dragon Racer
Member of Dragon Eye (formerly)
Rouge Racer
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Birth date Unknown
Place of origin Unknown
Residence Dragon Eye Crew Headquarters (formerly)
Unknown, somewhere in Dragon City
Hair color Reddish-brown
Eye color Blue
Skin color Pale
Draconium Electric crimson
Relatives Unknown
Affiliation Dragon Eye Racing Crew (formerly)
Dragon Pyralis
Crew Dragon Eye (formerly)
Friends Cain, Seina Clark (formerly), Pyrrah, Dragon Flare Crew
Enemies Moodryd Pain, Word Pain
Powers and skills
Powers Able to understand dragons, healing via mag energy
Skills Dragon racing skills, enhanced agility
Weaknesses Too many dragons can cause raging headache
Equipment Mag gear, Mag Sword, Mag staff, Mag bow
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
I will find out who I am if it's the last thing I do, and Pyralis will be with me all the way.
Scarlet (birth name unknown) is a 16-year-old dragon racer and owns a Red Magma dragon named Pyralis. She is a member of the Dragon Eye crew, however she was forced to do join after she was found by Word Pain and give shelter.

Physical description

Scarlet is a slim and rather beautiful young girl with long reddish-brown hair tied in a low bun-like ponytail and bright blue eyes that stand against her pale complexion.

Her normal outfit consists of a black and red riding jacket over a black shirt, dark gray pants, black knee-high boots, and black gloves. Her helmet is black and red with black visor which covers her eyes. Her racing outfit is unknown as she has never raced before, due to Moodryd Pain. Around her neck she wears a medallion that looks like a water droplet inside a flame, the colors being red and blue, respectively.

Eventually, her riding outfit is discovered. Scarlet wears a sleeveless red and white riding jacket, over a black long-sleeve shirt, black pants and red and white boots. She also wears black gloves and her helmet is a dark shade of red with a black visor which covers her eyes.


Scarlet normally keeps to herself. She doesn't like talking about why she is with Dragon Eye and whenever someone asks her she will just leave. The only person she is actually open and friendly to is Cain, her only friend within Dragon Eye Crew and the only one who knows of her ability to understand dragons. Scarlet loves dragons and is friendly with all, besides the Wraith Dragons.



  • Able to understand dragons: Ever since she could remember, Scarlet has been able to understand dragons. However, she keeps this gift hidden from Word Paynn. The only friend that knows of this power is Cain, who is her only friend in the Dragon Eye Crew.
  • Mag Energy manipulation: Scarlet is able to manipulate her red-gold mag energy for various purposes.
    • Healing: Using her mag energy, Scarlet is skilled in using it to heal people and drags, but healing dragons take much more of her energy so she doesn't use it as much..


  • Dragon racing skills: Scarlet is an exceptional racer with great teamwork with her dragon, Pyralis. The two work very well together and rarely quarrel. Scarlet is easily able to adapt to new strategies and change tactics in the middle of a race.
  • Mag fighting: Scarlet is very skilled when she has to be mag by her dragon and fight.


  • Mag gear
    • Mag sword: Scarlet's main mag weapon is a sword. The sword is collapsible so it is easier to carry.
    • Mag staff: Scarlet's mag staff is her main gear she uses in races.
    • Mag bow


Prior to Dragon Riders

Scarlet is young dragon racer in the Dragon Eye crew. Scarlet does not remember her childhood. Scarlet was first found by the Dragon Flare crew and Pyrrah later gave her Pyralis, who she is named after, to always be there for her.

When she was 10 years old, she was discovered by Word Paynn and he offered her shelter but only if she worked alongside his son. Scarlet couldn't say no so she and Pyralis joined the Dragon Eye crew.

At some point in time, Scarlet befriended Seina Clark, another dragon racer and owns a Light Blue Nautilus-Class dragon named Tsundra.

Dragon Riders

Scarlet first appears when Conner Penn is holding auditions for riders to try to ride Beau. When she sees Conner looking at her, she flinches and moves farther back. Seina is confused to why Scarlet was with Moodryd Pain.


  • Scarlet was original named Shani, a Hebrew unisex name meaning "crimson red."
    • She was originally named Tanis but that was changed due to the fact that there was a canon character named Tannis.
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