Scarlet Spark
Owner Rai Archer
Weapon Type Melee, Ranged
Derivation Bracelets, Inhibitor gauntlets
Scarlet Spark are Rai Archer's primary weapon of choice. They are a pair of bracelets that can transform into gauntlets.

When activated, Scarlet Spark covers Rai's hands and forearms gauntlets, acting as arm guards. The gauntlets are dark red in color with small highlights of electric blue. A dark gray barrel is concealed in the front of the gauntlet, aligned between the knuckles of the index and middle finger, which is where the lightning is shot out. The lightning is directed throughout the gauntlets, both in inactive and active mode. The gauntlets also act as a pair of inhibitors that control how much electrical energy she actually lets out. She can still control lightning but not a very grand amount.


  • Scarlet Spark was inspired by Ember Celica from RWBY.
    • Shooting her lightning is based off when Yang fires some of shots.
  • Scarlet is a shade of red.