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Seina Clark
Personal data
Nicknames Rei
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Dragon Racer
Member of Penn Stables Racing Crew
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Dragon City
Residence Penn Stables
Hair color Caramel brown, red tips
Eye color Amber-Brown
Skin color Pale
Draconium Electric crimson
Relatives Markus Clark (father)
Addison Clark (mother)
Twin sister
Affiliation Penn Stables Racing Crew
Dragon Tsundra
Crew Penn Racing
Friends Conner, Artha, and Lance Penn, Kitt Wonn, Parm Sean, Scarlet (formerly; hopes to make up)
Enemies Dragon Eye, other racing crews
Powers and skills
Powers Able to understand dragons, healing via mag energy
Skills Dragon racing skills
Equipment Mag gear, Mag staff, Mag bow
Production notes
Created by PrincessAnime08
My sister is out there somewhere. And I'm not going to stop till I do. She's all I have left of my family.
Seina Clark

Seina Clark is a 16-year-old dragon racer owning a Nautilus-Class dragon named Tsundra. She is a member of the Penn Stables Crew and her best friend is Kitt Wonn.

Seina lost her parents, Markus and Addison Clark when she was very young, so Conner Penn raised her alongside his sons, Artha and Lance. Seina had a twin sister but she went missing right after their parent's deaths. Seina continuously searches for her.

Physical description

Seina is a slim and rather beautiful young girl with long caramel-brown hair with red tips and amber-brown eyes. Around her neck she wears a medallion that looks like a water droplet inside a flame, the colors being blue and red, respectively.

Her normal outfit, which is sometimes her riding outfit, is a dark blue high collared sleeveless shirt with dark purple shoulder-length gloves, black shorts and dark gray thigh-length boots. Her helmet is dark blue that covers her entire face.


Seina is a young girl with a love for all dragons. However, she can be quite stubborn. She doesn't like to talk about her family since they were killed in a race causing her to become an orphan and lose her younger twin sister.



  • Able to understand dragons: Ever since she was born, Seina has been able to understand dragons. Only Penn Riding crew know of her ability.
  • Mag Energy manipulation: Seina is able to manipulate her mag energy for various purposes.
    • Healing: Seina has minor power of healing by using her mag energy.


  • Dragon racing skills: Seina is an exceptional racer with great teamwork with her dragon, Tsundra. The two work very well together and rarely quarrel.


Prior to Dragon Riders

Seina is the daughter to Dragon Racers Markus and Addison Clark. She has a twin but she went missing shortly after Markus and Addison's deaths. She later found by Conner and Fira Penn and raised alongside their son Artha. Fira died shortly after Lance was born. Around the time she was 10, Conner gave her Tsundra, a light blue Nautilus-class dragon. They soon became the best of friends.

At some point in time, Seina became friends with Scarlet, another dragon racer, who owns a Red Magma class dragon named Pyralis. During the races, she eventually befriended Dragon Racer Kitt Wonn.


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