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Seina Tsumura is a DigiDestined partnered with Dracomon and the bearer of the Crest of Determination. She is 13 years old and is the love interest of Taichi "Tai" Kamiya.

Physical description

Seina has long she has long caramel-brown hair with red tips and amber eyes. Around her neck is a gold medallion that looks like a blue water droplet inside a red flame - something that she has had since she was an infant.


Seina from time to time is the peace keeper of the group, she is a bold adventurous girl who isn't easily swayed by the opinions of others. Reina is an optimist but also a realistic, and she's no damsel in distress she can save herself since she's a tomboy.

She has a really strained relationship sith her father as he is always out of the house. She was practically raised by a nanny, Elaina.



  • First Aid Care


Crest of Determination

The Crest of Determination

Seina is the daughter of detective Kai Yuki. She never knew her mother as she died when Seina was little, or that was what Kai said to her. Seina was around during the attack of Parrotmon and Greymon at Highton View Terrace. Unlike the others, Seina and her father continued living at Highton View Terrace. That sighting would lead Seina to become a DigiDestined.

Digimon Adventurers

Seina is with Tai and the others when they are sent to the Digital World.


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