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Senka is Sam’s first and main Pokémon.

Ability Unknown
Caught at Striaton City (hatched)

Senka is Sam's first and main Pokémon and always remains outside of her Pokéball with Sam. Senka was given to Sam as a gift from her late father, Keith Brooklyn.


Senka is a very friendly Purrloin, having grown up around humans. But get Senka mad you’re in trouble. Senka is very protective of Sam and will jump in to protect her when needed. She is also highly protective of Jade, Sam’s shiny Eevee, who she treats like a little sister. When Jade is in trouble or scared of something, Senka will run right to her.


As a Purrloin, Senka is able to stand and walk around on her two back legs. Her favorite move is using Thunder Wave to stun her opponents and then use either Dark Pulse to finish them off.


  • Quick Attack
  • Shadow Claw
  • Shadow Ball
  • Night Slash
  • Dark Pulse
  • Double Team
  • Thunder Wave
  • Slash
  • Iron Tail
  • Aerial Ace
  • Attract

Combination Attacks

  • Shadow Vortex is the combination of Senka's Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball attack.


Senka was given to Sam when she was a child and became Sam’s first Pokémon and main battling partner. When Keith passed away, Senka, along with Keith and Amber’s Pokemon, went with Sam as she moved to Pallet Town of Kanto to live with Mia.

Senka now travels with Sam as she makes her way through Kanto to compete in the Indigo League and find Blade.


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