Serena Rai-Claus
Personal data
Age 3 Months old (first appearance)

16, almost 17

Gender Female
Species Raiju/Human
Occupation Student of Monster High
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Date of birth May 31
Place of origin Monster World
Hair color Black, pale streaks
Eye color Pinkish-purple
Skin color Pale
Magic aura Magenta Pink
Relatives Jasper Rai (mother)
Snow Claus (father)
Soren Rai-Claus (younger brother)
Elysia Rai-Claus (younger sister)
Dove Rai-Claus (younger sister)
December Claus (paternal cousin)
Eirwyn Claus (paternal cousin)
Destiny Claus (paternal aunt)
Affiliation Ever After High
Friends Zalira Zahra-Von Dark and Fontaine Fairer
Powers and skills
Powers Lightning manipulation
Skills Dragon training
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Serena Rai-Claus (born as just Serena Rai) is a 2016-introduced Next Generation character. She is the first born daughter and child and eldest daughter of Snow Claus and Jasper Rai. She is the older sister of twins, Soren and Elyisa and Dove. Since both her cousins December and Eirwyn Claus-Frost are to be the next Jack Frost and Santa Claus, respectively, Serena doesn't have a destiny, but follows the Rebel side, as she believes everyone should decide their own destiny. Truthfully, she'd rather be working in the Dragon Stables, hoping to one day defeat her mother in a Dragon Race.




Serena is basically a mini Jasper, but with her father's eyes. She has a mild, tan skin ton, which is mixture of both her parents. Much like her mother, she adds in dragon scales into her outfits.


Serena loves doing anything active, something she got from her "Aunt Nefertari" and her mother. She especially loves being in the stables with the dragons.


Serena was born just a year and half after her mother and father and their friends graduated from Ever After High. She was unexpected and Jasper was originally going to give her up for adoption once she was born. But after she was born, Jasper couldn't, so Serena was raised solely by her mother.


  • Electrokinesis: As the granddaughter of the Raiju, Serena was born with the power to control lightning. She uses her lightning to make things levitate and even bring things to her. She also uses her lightning to help with the chores with the dragons.


  • Dragon caring and training: Serena is adept in caring and training dragons, having been taught by her mother. Serena is skilled in training the dragons to be used in Dragon Races and in the Dragon Games at School.

Fairy tale

Main article: Raiju and Santa Claus

How Serena Fits Into It

Because her mother is actually a monster, and her father is the second child of Santa Claus, Serena-like the rest of her siblings-don't have a destiny. Serena is totally A-OK with this and would rather help her parents with the dragons.



Serena's parents are Jasper Rai, daughter of the Raiju, and Snow Claus, the son of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. She has 3 younger siblings, twins Soren and Elysia and little Dove.

Her cousins are Eirwyn and December who are the children of Destiny Claus-Frost, daughter of Santa Claus and the current Santa Claus, and the current Jack Frost, Winter Frost.

Serena has a very strong bond with her family, more so with her mother as Jasper was all Serena had for the first few months of her life. Some might say that Serena is a Momma's Girl, but she isn't really. But over time, she became close with her father as well. She's protective of her siblings.

Every weekend, both Serena and her family return home and spend quality family time with their family. Serena, Soren and Elysia end up racing against their mother with the dragons-but still losing against her-but all strive to one-day beat Jasper.

Best Friends Forever After

Serena's Best Friends Forever After are Zalira Zahra-Von Dark, daughter of Blake Von Dark and Nefertari Zahra. Despite being older, the two get along great. They are also roommates.

Another one of Serena's BFFAs is Fairer Fontaine Fairer, the second daughter of Jasper's best friend, Fairer Fay Fairer. Serena enjoys hanging out with her despite Fontaine's love for shopping, but Serena will still hang out.



Unlike most of the students at Ever After High, Serena has not 1 but 2 pets! Both she got from back home. Serena has a female wolf named Sunset, who is the daughter of Jasper's pet wolf, Storm, and a male dragon Eclipse, the son Stormfall Jasper's Dragon Games draogn.


Serena hs no crush on anyone just yet.


Art Serena's Outfits

Signature - Rebel




  • Serena's birthday is May 31.
  • Serena was originally just going to appear in a modernish type story, but with Shadow's love for her, she was then made into a real character.