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Seth Blaine
Seth Emblem
Personal data
Title "Onyx Snake"
Age 17
Gender Male
Emblem Seth Emblem
Species Fanus
Occupation Member of Team CBLT
Beacon Academy Student
Signal Academy Student (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Atlas
Hair color Dark green
Eye color Yellow-gold
Skin color Pale
Love interest Cleo Zlatko
Relatives Tanis Blaine (mother)
Affiliation CBLT, Beacon Academy, Signal Academy
Partner Lyla Lapis
Friends Cleo, Lyla, Garnet
Powers and skills
Semblance Camouflage
Skills Glaive proficiency, sniper proficiency, combat mastery, stealth tactics, athleticism
Weapon Soul Anchor
Weaknesses Cold temperatures


Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances The Start of CBLT
Seth Blaine is 17 years old and the son of Huntress Tanis "Viper" Blaine. He is in his first year at Beacon Academy and a member of Team CBLT. Seth is a snake Fanus having the snake eyes, and snake tongue. His weapon of choice is a High Power Sniper Glaive (HPSG) called Soul Anchor and his partner is Lyla Lapis.

Physical description

Seth is very tall for his age, towering over Cleo and Lyla, with pale skin, and shaggy, and spiky dark green hair and yellow-gold snake eyes. He wears a black jacket with the sleeveless rolled up to his elbows, over a long-sleeve dark navy blue shirt, dark pants and black shoes. He also wears fingerless gloves. Soul Anchor, in default mode, is strapped to his on his back.


Compared to the rest of his team, Seth is more of the party kind of guy. He is more relaxed and is very outgoing, despite the bullying he gets for being a Fanus. He never lets the bullying get to him and always leans toward the "bright side of things". With Lyla, he tries to get Cleo to relax more and be more "fun", but to no luck most of the time, but that doesn't stop him.

Seth harbors a crush on Cleo, but it soon learns that she actually has feelings for Garnet. After the rejection (so to speak), Lyla helps him out making him begin to fall for her.



  • Aura: Seth is able to use Aura, the manifestation of his soul, for various purposes in battle.
  • Semblance - Camouflage: Seth inherited his mother's power of Camouflage, and with it has the power to camouflage into his surroundings.
    • Shadow camouflage: Seth is able to become invisible while in shadows.
    • Body heat camouflage: Seth is able to hide his own body heat signature.
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced lung capacity: As part of his Snake Fanus, Seth can hold his breath for extended periods of time.
  • Seismic Sense: Also part of his Snake Fanus, Seth can sense and perceive vibrations in the earth.


  • Combat mastery: Seth is very skilled in physical combat.
  • Glaive proficiency: Seth is able to wield Soul Anchor, but much prefers to use Soul Anchor in its sniper form.
  • Sniper proficiency: Seth is skilled in using Soul Anchor in its sniper form and is much better at it than using Soul Anchor's glaive form.
  • Stealth tactics: As part of his Snake Fanus, Seth possess extraordinarily expertise in stealth. When on a mission, due to this skill, he is often the "scouter".
  • Athleticism: Seth is highly athletic and fit, capable of holding his own in a battle for an extended period of time as well as executing difficult physical maneuvers.


  • Cold temperatures: Seth performs very poorly in cold weather conditions.


  • Soul Anchor: Soul Anchor is Seth's weapon of choice.
  • Scroll


  • Seth's original name was Ciarán and Kyran, both names meaning dark.
  • Seth's snake Fanus is actually a King Cobra while his mother is a Viper.
    • Both are still part of the Snake family.
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