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Personal data
Meaning "Noble"
"Truthful, Virtuous, Distinguished" [1]
"One who stands out from the rest" [2]
Nicknames Shari
Gender Female
Species Lion
Occupation Member of the Pridelanders
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin African Savannah
Residence Pride Lands
Eye color Moderate cyan
Fur color Pale brownish-tan
Relatives Kali (father)
Niraja (mother)
Niara (maternal half-sister)
Jua (sister)
Kopa (brother)
Kani (maternal aunt)
Unnamed (maternal grandmother)
Haya (adoptive mother)
Affiliation PrideLanders
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Sharifa is the first born and elder daughter of the late Niraja and Kali, the older sister and of Jua and Kopa and the younger (maternal) half-sister of Niara.


In terms of appearance, Sharifa takes after her mother and aunt, Kani. Small and lithe, Sharifa has a pale brownish-tan pelt, with light tannish muzzle, underbelly and paws. She has a dark, almost black, tuft and a dark brown nose. Her eyes are a brilliant shade of teal-green eyes, which totally stand out against her fur.  


Like all cubs, Sharifa is playful and full of energy, but she is known for having a short temper, especially when someone compares her to her sisters. Sharifa is known for ignoring rules and having fun, much like Simba, which often gets her in trouble. She also ends up speaking without thinking. In comparison to her sister Jua, Sharifa is the total opposite of her. When someone mentions her to Jua, Sharifa gets annoyed and rolls her eyes before walking away. Though, she has a better bond with her half-sister, Niara, who often takes over at stopping her younger sisters' fights.



Born in the reign of Mufasa, Sharifa is the first daughter of Niraja and Kali, the younger half-sister of Niara, and the older sister of Jua and Kopa. She was conceived when her parents were still living in the Mlima Pride's kingdom. Before her mother could tell Kali that she was expecting, he was chased off and Niraja soon followed, along with Niara.

Her mother eventually found her father and the trio traveled together. When they had crossed into the South Lands, Sharifa and her siblings were born. Sadly, just a month later, a group of rouge hyenas attacked the family killing Kopa. Sharifa, Niara, Jua and their mother were the only ones to survive, though Jua was scared making her blind in her right eye. 

Niraja's Quest


King of the Jungle: The Rise and Fall of Kings


King of the Jungle: The Rise and Fall of Kings

Simba: "Hi, I'm Simba, what's your name?"
Sharifa: "I'm Sharifa."
Adia: "I'm Adia!"
—Sharifa meeting Simba and Adia
"I don't need you to baby me, Jua!"
—Sharifa and Jua in their daily argument
Jua: "Sharifa, you need to stop getting into trouble!"
Sharifa: "You are not the boss of me Jua. And second of all, I'm the elder sister so stop babying me!"
—One of Sharifa and Jua's daily arguments
"FINE! Take her side! See if I care!"
—Sharifa after an argument with Jua after Haya joins in


  • Sharifa was originally named Niara, meaning "One of High Purpose", which is now her maternal half-sister.