Template:SkySXSky the Hedgehog (スカイ ・ザ ・ヘジハッグ Sukai za Hejihaggu), also referred to as Project Sky, is a 15 year old anthropomorphic female hedgehog fused with Black Arms DNA. Sky does not know where she is from, only knowing that she was 'born' on Eggman's ship shortly before Rouge finds Shadow on the same ship. She is the love interest of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Physical Description

Sky is a pale light blue hedgehog with her quills styled to lay flat on her back, with emerald green eyes. She has dark gray, almost black, bangs and light tan skin. She also wears a gold earring, black fingerless gloves with gold rings, and a gold crown, signfying her title as a princess. She also has light gray/black eyeshadow. She wears a dark red-purple jacket over a pale yellow spaghetti-strap shirt with a dark belt, black shorts, dark red-purple boots, and black fingerless gloves with gold rings.




  • Ectoplasm manipulation: Ever since she could remember, Sky has been able to control ectoplasm energy. Sky's ectoplasmic energy is a pale blue. Sky is able to create constructs out of ectoplasm energy and can even fuse it within physical combat. She can even unleash ectoplasm in the form of various attacks, such as beams, bolts, blasts, waves, balls and scattershots.
  • Chaos energy manipulation: Due to the Black Arms DNA within her, Sky is capable of generating, creating, controlling, and absorbing chaos energy. However, she cannot use all of its energy and must wear inhibitor bracelets to limit how much power she can release.
    • Energy projection: Sky is able to project chaos energy in the forms of beams, blasts, and barriers.
    • Ergokinetic constructs: Sky is able to create constructs out of chaos energy.
    • Ergokinetic combat: Sky is able to fuse chaos energy into combat.
    • Force-Field generation: Sky is able to generate force-fields with chaos energy.
    • Teleporation: Sky is able to alter space and time for various affects.
    • Chaos energy sense: Sky is able to sense chaos energy as well as a Chaos Emerald.
    • Chaos attacks: Sky can unleash chaos energy in the forms of attacks such as Chaos Spear, Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, Chaos Lance, Chaos Magic, and Chaos Boost. She also has her own main attack, Chaos Strike Sphere.
    • Chaos Energy sense: It is unsure how, but Sky is able to sense Chaos Energy within one.
  • Enhanced speed and agility
  • Enhanced acrobatic skills


  • Enhanced hand-to-hand combat: Sky possesses enhanced hand-to-hand combat skills.
  • Emotion reading: Sky is able to read one's emotion by studying their facial expressions.


  • Physique: Despite her power, Sky still has the physique of a 15-year-old and can easily be overpowered by someone physically stronger than her.
  • Water: Sky has a huge fear of water, as she cannot swim. She despises getting wet and literally hates oceans.


  • Inhibitor Bracelets: Sky must wear inhibitor bracelets in order to restain her overpowerd Chaos powers. If she were to remove them her power would enhance by a lot but would leave her weaken.


Sky has no recollection of her past only knowing that Dr. Eggman 'created' her. Sky works alongside her two best friends, Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat, collecting the Chaos Emeralds for the doctor.

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