He cares about me, a lot more than HIM.
Skyla Suzuki
Skyla Suzuki
Personal data
Nicknames Sky
Age 20
Gender Female
Species Human
Deck Raven
Occupation Telekinetic
College Student
Morality Good
Additional info
Birthday May 31
Place of origin Kawano City
Ethnicity Japanese
Nationality Japanese
Hair color Dark navy blue, crimson red streaks
Eye color Violet
Skin color Tan
Love interest Jaden Yuki
Powers and skills
Powers Telekinesis
Skills Martial Arts, agility, dueling, Multilingualism
Equipment Duel Disk
Production notes
Created by Sunheart13

Skyla Suzuki is a fan character for the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. She is the love interest of Jaden Yuki.

Physical Description

Skyla is a young Japanese girl with tan skin, of average height, and weight with dark navy blue hair with crimson red streaks and violet eyes. Skyla is slender in stature yet has a fairly muscular build. Skyla's main attire consists of: a black leather hoodie-jacket, a dark gray silky spaghetti strap dress over silver-gray leggings, two criss-crossing black belts with silver adornments, and black high heeled sandals embedded with rhinestones. Her silver deck case is attached to her left thigh by a black belt embedded with silver.


Skyla is a outgoing girl, but is not very social. Her only friends were her Duel Spirits. However, after meeting Jaden and spending time with him, she starts to develop a crush on Jaden. Soon she and Jaden eventually enters a romantic relationship.



Skyla is a very skilled duelist, capable of working with strong and weak cards. If she's in a jam, she's able to adapt and improvise with whatever she has on hand. Skyla is very skilled with her Telekinetic powers, though she does not use them in public. Ever since she was born, Skyla has been able to see duel spirits and to understand and communicate with them. Skyla is highly athletic and agile. She is quite skilled in tennis and archery. Skyla is also multilingual, fluent in Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Egyptian, and Spanish.