Skyros is a Ventus Attributed Bakugan and is the Guardian Bakugan to Corinne Grit. Skyros is the son of Ventus Storm Skyress.

Basic Information


Name: Skyros

Attribute: Ventus

G-Power: 550

Physical Appearance

Skyros is a large black and green phoenix. He has a feather that resemples a horn on his forehead.


  • Skyress: Because Skyress is his mother, Skyros has a close bond with his mother.
  • Corinne: When Skyros and Corinne first meet they couldn't stand each other.


Because Skyros is Skyress' son he has some her abilities

  • Green Nobility - Violent Winds: Double Skyros's G-Power
  • Storm Stinger: Nullifies all the opponent's abilities
  • Destruction Meteor Storm (Destruction Delta Storm): Adds 100Gs to Skyros.
  • Aerowing: Add 600Gs to Skyros
  • Shadow Wing: Take away 400Gs from the opponenet and add them to Skyros.

Fusion Abilities

  • Cosmic Storm: Take 900Gs from the opponent and add them to Skyros.


Skyros was born in New Vestroia, sometime after the battle with Naga.

Skyress's Disappearance

Sometime when Skyros was a young phoenix, Skyress went missing; so Skyros waited for her to return. But she never returned. Upset, Skyros, now a young teenage phoenix, went looking for her; but instead ending up meeting Corinne.


  • Like Zephyros-Phoenix's Bakugan OC's Ayden Grit and Azreal, Corrine and Skyros couldn't stand each other, but later became best friends.

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