Soren Rai-Claus is a 2016-introduced Next Generation character. He is the only son of Snow Claus and Jasper Rai, the younger brother of Serena, the twin brother of Elysia and the older brother of Dove. Since both his cousins December and Eirwyn Claus-Frost are to be the next Jack Frost and Santa Claus, respectively, Soren doesn't have a destiny, and he does not mind. He'd rather just become the best Dragon Racer, just like his mother.



Soren is a go with the flow kind of guy, letting things happen on their own. He is however, protective of his sisters and family and won't let anyone trash talk. He is competitive when it comes to sports but always shows good sportsmanship. Though, Soren does have a temper which can activate when annoyed and sometimes shocks people.


Soren is a mixture of his parents, he has his father's pale blonde hair, but with black streaks from his mother, but also his dad's red streaks. He has pinkish-purple eyes and pale skin.


Soren loves things ice/winter-related (thanks to his uncle Winter). He loves sports with his favorite being, Pegasus Racing. He also enjoys playing around with his powers.


  • Electrokinesis: As the grandson of the Raiju, Soren was born with the power to control lightning. He uses his lightning to make things levitate and even bring things to him, but if he is levitating something, he makes sure no one touches the objects as he can still shock.


  • Winter Sports: Taught by his uncle, Winter Frost, Soren developed a love for winter sports, mainly snowboarding.
  • Dragon caring and training: Soren is adept in caring and training dragons, having been taught by his mother. Soren is skilled in training the dragons to be used in Dragon Races and in the Dragon Games at School.

Fairy tale

Main article: Raiju and Santa Claus

How Soren Fits Into It

Because his mother is actually a monster, and his father is the second child of Santa Claus, Soren doesn't really have a destiny. Truth be told, Soren is glad. But he has vowed to help his cousins.



Soren's mother is Jasper Rai, the daughter of the Raiju, and his father is the second born, and son of Santa Claus, Snow Claus. He has an older sister named, Serena, who was born three years before his parents even got married, a twin sister named Elysia and a little sister named Dove who is born when he is two. His cousins are Eirwyn and December and is very close with Eirwyn who is also his roommate. His aunt and uncle are Destiny Claus-Frost, daughter of Santa Claus and the current Santa Claus, and the current Jack Frost, Winter Frost.

Soren has a strong bond with all his sister, more so with Elysia cause she's his twin. He's very protective over Elysia and Dove, more so with Dove because she is younger. Soren doesn't like it when males flirt with Serena or Elysia and will sometimes shock the boy, but will stop upon Elysia's request.

Every weekend, both Soren and his family return home and spend quality family time with their parents and younger sister. Soren, Serene and Elysia end up racing against their mother with the dragons-but still losing against her-but all strive to one-day beat Jasper.


Soren's best friend is his cousin Eirwyn. Before attending Ever After, Soren and Eirwyn didn't see each other as much due to living at different parts of the world (Eirwyn living at the South Pole, while Soren lives near the Ever After World of Europe). But once attending EAH, their bond strengthens. Both also have some similar interest: protective of sisters and love wintry-sports. But, Soren's best friend forever after would definitely be his sister, Elysia. One of Soren's close friend is Fontaine Fairer, daughter of Fay Fairer, who is his aunt's best friend. Soren and Fontaine get along very well.


Unlike most of the students at Ever After High, Soren has not 1 but 2 pets! Both he got from back home. Soren has a female wolf named Evergreen, who is the daughter of his mother's wolf, Storm, and a female dragon named Black Moon who is the daughter of his mother's dragon, Black Beauty.


Soren doesn't really have a crush on anyone as of yet. But he knows he'll find his special someone.


Art Soren's Outfits
To be Designed by The Wise Unicorn

Signature - Royal

Soren wears a black and red trimmed, hoodie jacket over a dark purple-black shirt, jeans and brown boots. He has some of Black Moon's scales sewed into his outfit. He also has his left ear pierced with a dragon scales turned into an earring.


Think you can beat me? Please, I am the best Dragon Racer of all the world! Hah!
Soren Rai-Claus


  • Soren is a Danish and Latin name meaning "apart".
  • Soren and Elysia share the same birthday as their father and Aunt Destiny: December 24th.


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