Sparklie the Tiger
Sparklie the Tiger

Sparklie is a tiger with powers of lighting
Art by Icyi

Personal data
Nicknames Sparks (by Sonic)
Angel (by Blooma)
Electric Fur Ball (by Eggman)
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Mobian tiger
Occupation Leader of Team Jungle
Member of the Element Village
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Date of birth July 17
Place of origin Element Village
Hair color Orange
Eye color Gold
Skin color Light orange
Fur color Orange, black, brown
Height 3'2"
Love interest Shadow the Hedgehog
Father Winter
Mother Calor
Siblings Blizzard
Sons Thunder
Daughters Electrica
Uncle Ame (great-great)
Grandparents Forest and Kori
Ancestor Anastasia and Voltage
Affiliation Element Village, Team Sonic, Team Jungle
Friends Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Bruncher, T.H., Blooma, Hikari
Enemies Dr. Eggman, Rascal the Goat (rival)
Powers and skills
Ability Speed
Powers Lighting manipulation, enhanced speed
Skills Marksmanship, martial artist
Weaknesses Overheat, root beer float and cute guys
Equipment Chaos Bow
Production notes
Created by Icyi
I've already lost someone I care about so much and I'm not gonna lost another one…
Sparklie the Tiger

Sparklie the Tiger (スパルクリエ・ザ ・タイガー Suparukurie za Taigaa) is a 16 year old anthropomorphic female Mobian tiger and a member of the Element Village. She is the daughter of Winter and Calor and the younger sister to Blizzard and the love interest of Shadow the Hedgehog. Her best friends are Bruncher the Kangaroo and Tiger Horse "T.H." the Flying Zebra who make up the Power and Fly members of Team Jungle, which she is the speed and leader.

Physical description

Sparklie has orange, yellow and black fur. She has a black lightning bolt symbol on her head, brown on the tip of her tail, which is shaped like a lightning bolt, and orange tuft hair. She wears a purple sleeveless vest, lavender pants with lightning bolts on the pant legs, blue boots with rubies, and a pink bow.


Sparklie is a nice girl who has the love for adventure. She also is willing to help those in need; always thinks ahead, bold, brave, sometimes acts like a smart mouth towards to someone who annoys her and acts very shy towards hot guys


Sparklie was born with the power of elemental manipulation. In her case she inherited lightning.


  • Lightning manipulation: As a member of the Tiger Clan, Sparklie was born with the power of elemental manipulation. In her case, she inherited the power of lightning and was the only one to gain it. She can control, absorb, conduct, generate and store electrical energy and even directly power any offline machines she comes in contact with.
    • Electrokinetic combat: Sparklie is able to fuse her lightning powers with physical combat and use them in tandem.
    • Electrokinetic constructs: Sparklie is able to use her lightning to make constructs, including walls, shields, tools, and even weapons.
    • Electricity generation: She is able to generate electricity from nothing. She namely uses her fingertips to shock those that annoy her, namely Knuckles when he argues with Rouge.
    • Electricity projection: Sparklie can project electricity out from her body. Due to the advanced natures of her powers, she is required to wear power inhibitors that limit how much electrical energy she can release.
    • Electricity attacks: Sparklie can unleash electricity and lightning in the form of various attacks, such as beams, bolts, blasts, waves, balls and scattershots.
    • Shocking: Sparklie is capable of shocking any attacker that makes physical contact with her.
    • Electricity absorption and redirection: She can also absorb external electrical energy and redirect it.
    • Electrical energy manipulation: Sparklie is able to manipulate electrical energy.
    • Electric conductivity: Sparklie's body is naturally electrically conductive. She can also induce electrical conductivity in external targets by charging them with electricity.
    • Electrical immunity: Sparklie has a natural resistance to electricity and is unharmed by it. This is very helpful to Sparklie especially when she surprises Cyan.
    • Lightning infusion: Sparklie can imbue certain objects with electrical energy.
    • Paralysis inducement: She can induce paralysis through electric shocks.
    • Electronic machine activation: Sparklie can unleash electrical energy to power up and activate machines.
  • Super transformation: With the Chaos Emeralds and concentrating with her lightning powers, Sparklie is capable of entering a super form to shich she becomes Electric Sparklie.
  • Enhanced speed


  • Martical arts


  • Heights
  • Overheat
  • Root beer float
  • Cute guys


  • Chaos Bow
  • Electro Speed Boots


  • Tigers from her village has a symbol of the elements they have
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