Sparklie the Tiger
Sparklie the Tiger

Sparklie is a tiger with powers of lighting
Art by Icyi

Personal data
Nicknames Sparks (by Sonic)
Angel (by Blooma)
Electric Fur Ball (by Eggman)
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Mobian tiger
Occupation Leader of Team Jungle
Member of the Element Village
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Date of birth July 17
Place of origin Element Village
Hair color Orange
Eye color Gold
Skin color Light orange
Fur color Orange, black, brown
Height 3'2"
Love interest Shadow the Hedgehog
Father Winter
Mother Calor
Siblings Blizzard
Sons Thunder
Daughters Electrica
Uncle Ame (great-great)
Grandparents Forest and Kori
Ancestor Anastasia and Voltage
Affiliation Element Village, Team Sonic, Team Jungle
Friends Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Bruncher, T.H., Blooma, Hikari
Enemies Dr. Eggman, Rascal the Goat (rival)
Powers and skills
Ability Speed
Powers Lighting manipulation, enhanced speed
Skills Marksmanship, martial artist
Weaknesses Overheat, root beer float and cute guys
Equipment Chaos Bow
Production notes
Created by Icyi
I've already lost someone I care about so much and I'm not gonna lost another one…
Sparklie the Tiger

This page is comprised of Sparklie the Tiger relationships with various other characters she interacts with.


Element Village

Sparklie is a member of Element Village.

Team Jungle

Sparklie is the founder, speed member and leader of Team Jungle.



Winter the Tiger

Winter, Sparklie's father

Calor the Tiger

Calor, Sparklie's mother

"Father, I miss you..."
—Sparklie thinking about Winter

Winter was the father of Sparklie and Blizzard, a great leader, a great hero and a wonderful husband of Calor. When he was alive, he was always to comfort Sparklie when she had a bad day, telling her stories about his adventures and gives her advice as much he can. Sparklie was really close to him and she hopes to be like him in the future. However, tragic struck when Winter was killed by Dr. Robotnik right in front of her on the night when Winter gave her the Chaos Bow. She'd vow to avenge his death by killing Dr. Robotnik, but thanks to a blue hedgehog named Sonic, she'd soon learned that it wasn't what Winter wanted. To do this day, Sparklie continues to stop the evil genius of taking over the world in her father's place, vowing herself to make sure she won't lose anyone she cares about ever again. and she sometimes looks up at the night sky to remember her father...

Calor is the mother of Sparklie and Blizzard. She was married to Winter, but now she's widower and the new leader of the village. Sparklie really cares about her mother and enjoy hearing stories about how Calor met Winter. After the death of Winter, Calor does her best to bring comfort to her children and stay strong for them. When Sparklie became older, Sparklie decides to leave the village find out how to unlock the powers of the Chaos Bow, but felt like her mother wouldn't allow it. So, she left without telling anyone. This causes Calor to sent Bruncher and T.H to find her daughter to make sure Sparklie is okay. Now, Sparklie sent letters to let her mother know how she's doing and receives them back from mother, getting comfort as she always did from mother...

Blizzard the Tiger

Blizzard the Snow Tiger

Blizzard, Sparklie's older brother

Blizzard is Sparklie's older brother by four years. The two used to be very close and they're still are, but now sometimes argues a lot. Even though they do argue, they still care about each other. Like any other big brother, Blizzard is protective of boys that go near his sister. 



Voltage, Sparklie's ancestor on her father's side

"Voltage, the Great Voltage, was"

Voltage is Sparkle's ancestor on her father's side.

Sparklie has heard about Voltage, knowing the Great Voltage is her ancestor. she learned about Voltage from her father, finding out Voltage had stop a huge war by using the Chaos Bow. Sparklie greatly respects her ancestor, learning about how she defeated her greatest foes back in the day. Now, Sparklie is searching the ways to unlock the Chaos Bow's powers, slowly learning more about Voltage's past and the true whereabouts of Voltage's disappearances.

Love Interest

Shadow the Hedgehog

"Oh, Shadow... You haven't change at all..."
—Sparklie to Shadow
Shadow is Sparklie's main interest, love interest that is. Believe it or not, Shadow is first guy that Sparklie ever felt towards any guy. She first met him when Sonic was falsely accused by him and soon fallen for him, which causes her to get Shadow to be on the good side, even a little. When Shadow sacrifice his own life to save Earth, Sparklie went into depress for days, but manages to move on, thanks to her friends. However, later on, she found out Shadow is still alive, but sadly has no memories of anyone. Even though she's sad that he doesn't remember her at all, she's glad he's still alive.

Surprisingly, the bond between them is still there and they sometimes hang out at night. As much she wants to tell him about who he is, she thought it would be best for Shadow to figure out on his own. What Sparklie likes about Shadow are his eyes, his voice and his personalities. She's not fully sure why she likes or even love Shadow, but she's willing to be with him as much as she can, hoping to be together with him in the future.

To Shadow, he'd grew to like her during event in Sonic Adventure 2 and maybe even more, but after losing his memory, he doesn't remember her at all. Strangely enough, he has the urge to protect her from any great danger and show his other self that others rarely see. To him, she seem familiar and feel affection towards her. He hasn't confirmed if he really likes her yet, but he's willing to help her if needed to. He decided to have secret meetings with her at night..


Amy Rose

At first meeting, Amy thought Sparklie is after Sonic for affections and wants to take her down, but Sparklie confirmed the pink hedgehog that Sparklie and Sonic are just friends and doesn't see him that way. Sparklie told Amy that she willing to help the pink hedgehog to get closer to Sonic, but also to told her to be patient with him. Sparklie is shock when Amy mistaking few other guys for Sonic and wonders if she's blind. Sparklie does wonder if Sonic likes Amy more than a friend. She thought at first Sonic only see Amy as a friend, but when she tease Sonic about him being with Amy, she caught a blush which confirmed to her that he probably does like Amy, but not fully ready for that relationship just yet.

Sparklie and Amy hang out sometimes, telling each other about the guys they like help each other sometimes. To Amy, Sparklie is a great gal to hang out with and is glad that Sparklie is helping her to get closer to Sonic.

Blaze the Cat

When first meeting Blaze, Sparklie quickly senses Blaze is lonely and had a rough past and wants to help her. But of course, Blaze doesn't want help from anyone, even T.H is still assisting her. When Blaze snaps at Sparklie for saying she should accept herself and judges Sparklie for what she thinks the tiger is, Sparklie told Blaze some wise words 'Don't judge me'. Sparklie reminded her that everyone is different, but surprisingly the same as well. Sparklie can tell Blaze needs a good friend and need to see that no matter who you are, you need a help hand now and then.

To Blaze, at first, Sparklie seem immature and not understanding about herself until later on, she soon see Sparklie is loyal, wise and kind friend. She hopes to meets her again later on in the future...

Blooma the Siamese Kitten

Blooma the Siasmese Kitten

Blooma the Siamese Kitten

These two quickly becomes friends since Sparklie save Blooma in the nick of time from the black aliens. She is amaze to see child with such great powers and wisdom. She see Blooma as a little sister and is very fond of the kitten. To Blooma, Sparklie is an angel and is very brave. Blooma likes Sparklie as a big sister and hopes Shadow will marry Sparklie...

Bruncher the Kangaroo

Bruncher the Kangaroo


"Bruncher...what's with you and this grouchy attitude?"
—Sparklie to Bruncher

Bruncher is one of Sparklie's best friend and a brother-figure to her. He always there to help her and back her up when things are tough. They met when Bruncher collapse near her village and treated his wounds. At first, he seem hostile towards her, but she manages to bring out his good side and became her loyal friend.

They sometimes have fight with each other’s when they meet someone new, but soon settle down when things turn right. Bruncher is often the muscles and the brains of the team and sticks by Sparklie's side if anyone is against her. To Bruncher, Sparklie is like a sister to him and is a great friend to him. He owned his life to her and vows to protect her from any danger...

Classic Sparklie/Herself

Classic Sparklie

Clasic Sparklie

Sparklie finds amazing yet crazy to meet her younger self, but quickly bonded with her past self. She see Classic Sparklie like a sister and help her to deal with the rough past after losing Winter; the father of Sparklie, and tells her past self that she'll soon meet new friends (Bruncher, T.H, Tails, Knuckles, etc.) and soon show her past self about that even you lost someone, you'll gain something you never you could. To Classic Sparklie, she is surprise to see her older self and looks up to her like a big sister. Classic Sparklie was acting like how Sparklie was after the death of Winter, but soon wonders how she became like herself today.

Hikari the Chao

Hikari the Chao


"Who's the cutest Chao? You are~!"
—Sparklie to Hikari
Hikari is a Hero Chao that Sparklie received from the Guardian of Light; Sagacity the Dove. Hikari is more than a pet, she's her loyal companion and side-kick. Even though Sparklie doesn't speak Chao, she manage to figure out what Hikari is trying to say. To Hikari, Sparklie is her owner and friend. She promise Sagacity that she'll be there for Sparklie and protect the tiger from any danger, no matter what.

Knuckles the Echidna

"Knuckles, you gullible echidna! How could you let Eggman trick again?!"
—Sparklie to Knuckles when he is tricked by Eggman.

Long time ago, the echidnas and tigers were true allies for many, many years. Until one day, the echidnas just disappears, the tigers went into hiding from the world. Now, in the present time, Sparklie is so far the only tiger from her village to explore the world. After meeting Sonic and Tails, they told her that there's one echidna they met from before, Knuckles. Feeling very excited, Sparklie decides to meet Knuckles as Sonic and Tails takes her to him. On Angel Island, of course, Knuckles was trick by Dr. Robotnik into thinking that Sonic is trying to take the Master Emerald again and attacks Sonic. Sparklie manages to stop the fighting and 'knocks' some sense into Knuckles' head. Knuckles is surprise to see a tiger, believing that they're extinct.

Sparklie and Knuckles quickly becomes friends since their people were great allies to each other’s. Sparklie is happy to have Knuckles as her friend, but also kinda mad at him for being gullible after listening to Dr Robotnik. Strangely enough, Sparklie is the only one that Knuckles listen to when Dr. Robotnik ever tricks him. Sparklie sometimes feels sorry for Knuckles for guarding the Master Emerald by himself with no one to talk to.

So, the tiger visits him now and then to keep him company. She can tell he's stubborn and prefers to be alone, but she does see he's a kind-hearted and a maybe a bit lonely. Sparklie did told him that he can just as good as Sonic and can have many friends he wants. She sometimes tease him about he probably liking Rouge. To Knuckles, Sparklie is worthy ally and a wise girl. He hopes Sparklie will never stop being his ally as long as they lived...

Miles "Tails" Prower

When Sparklie met him, she quickly finds him adorable and becomes his friend. Tails is quite surprise for Sparklie to act like that and wonders why she accepted him so quickly since he's different from every foxes. Sparklie told him he's just unique and has a special gift for him to fly. She also told him that everyone is the same, but has different opinions about everything and themselves. She is surprise that Tails is very smart at a young age and is glad that Tails has gain a best friend; Sonic. To Tails, Sparklie is one of those rare ones who accept people for who they are and is very kind. He hopes to meet others like her.

Rascal the Goat

Sparklie, along with Bruncher and T.H, had first met Rascal and her teammates in a city. It's unknown how Sparklie felt about Rascal, but believes the goat isn't fully bad. At first, she see Rascal a full villain, but after a while, she soon see Rascal is caring and kind goat who like to cause trouble to other people. Rascal is so far the only one can withstand Sparklie's strength and always wants to fight the tiger to prove she's stronger than Sparklie. The two are main rivals to each other, but deeply respect each other as well.

Silver the Hedgehog

Sonic 06 silver meets sparklie by icyi-d6tspoa

Sparklie meeting Silver

In Sonic '06 event, Sparklie first met Silver in the woods when he arrive from the future with the twins. Silver never seen a tiger in his time and amaze to see one. He soon developed a crush on her. Sparklie couldn't help to think that Silver isn't from around here and found him adorable. She didn't knew at the time Silver was planning on killing Sonic until later on and does try to tell him there are other ways to change the past for the future. In Sonic Rivals, Sparklie and Silver encounter a bit different, but with no hostile like with others. Sparklie insisted they should help each other along the way while Silver figures he could do things on his own.

To Sparklie, Silver has strong sense of justice and kind, but also naive and a bit of a hothead. She finds him adorable 'cause his personalities and likes him as a friend. To Silver, Sparklie is a bit more serious than Sonic and finds her very pretty. He wonders why she helps others without knowing who they really are. Sparklie is his love or crush interest, but he soon finds out Shadow also has feeling for her as well, which is why at first he despise Shadow, but soon they became rivals for her affections...

Sonic the Hedgehog

"I can't believe you did that, you crazy hedgehog!"
—Sparklie to Sonic when he does something crazy

Sonic is Sparklie's first and most loyal ally since the beginning. They met long time ago when Dr. Robotnik started to use small animals to control his robots. After defeated him, Sparklie vow to be Sonic trusted ally and friend in the future. They often encounter each other during their journeys and help each other along the way. Sparklie always believe Sonic has a good heart and has a sense of justice, but wishes he would think before he jumps in too quickly.

While she may not be fast as Sonic, she proven to be just as good as he is and loyal companion. To Sonic, Sparklie is loyal, trusted friend and is willing to make everyone see that everyone is truly equal... He always counts on her when things get too rough and knows she always got his back.

Tiger Horse the Flying Zebra

Tiger Horse 'T.H.' the Flying Zebra

Tiger Horse

"Now's not the time for joking, T.H."
—Sparklie to Tiger Horse "T.H."
T.H is one of Sparklie's best friend. She protects him from bullies and helps him to overcome obstacles and fears. She didn't know about his past, but she knows he's hiding something from her. T.H did told her about his past later on and Sparklie told him she won't treat him different 'cause he's still 'T.H' and her best friend. She can see bravery in him and believes he can do anything. To T.H, Sparklie is brave heroine and hopes to be like her one day. He tries to help her with his flight and always pinch when she's in great danger.

Zarina the Tiger and Chico the Chao

Zarina the Tiger No BG


Chico the Chao


Sparklie has yet to meet Zarina.

She is set to met Zarina in Meeting Team Jungle.


Dr. Eggman/Robotnik

Dr. Robotnik or Eggman as they call him now, is the reason Winter, Sparklie's father, is dead. Sparklie went after Eggman to get her revenge by taking his life. However, after meeting Sonic and the adventures, she soon realize taking a life won't bring her father back and it won't solve anything. So, she decided defeating and stopping Eggman from taking over the world is good enough. Since then, Eggman becomes her arch-enemy since she often help Sonic and his friends to stop Eggman from taking over the world. Even though Eggman is the first human she met, it doesn't change her view towards humans and during adventures, she later on realize if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't met the others in the first place. To Eggman, like with Sonic, he see her as a threat. He later on thought if he tries to capture the tiger, he could use her electricity and get the Chaos Bow to find out it's secrets...

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