Sterling Family
Basic Information
Group Type Familial
Founder Arianna Sterling
Leader Conner Sterling
Status Alive
The Sterling Family is a human Slugterrian family well-known Mecha Racing family founded by Arianna Sterling. In addition, every member have crimson-red eyes, a trait that was passed down through every Sterling. The Sterling family are the only owns of the Z-Striker Blaster with each being modified after a Sterling's Mecha Beast. The Sterling family Mecha Beasts and Blasters are made by Cave Trolls in the Sterling Factory.


Conner Sterling

Conner Sterling is the husband of Kayla O'Rion, the father of Luke, William, Adam and Bailey, and the uncle of Scot. He is a former Mecha Racer, with  hiss Mecha Beast was a Hyena Mecha Beast and his Blaster was a Z-Striker styled after a hyena. His ace Slug was an Armashelt.

Luke Sterling

The eldest of Conner and Kayla's children, is Luke Sterling. His Mecha Beast is a Coyote-model and his Blaster was styled after said animal. His ace slug is an Blastipede.

William "Will" Sterling

William "Will" Sterling is the second son and child of Conner and Kayla. His Mecha Beast is a Lion model. His Blaster was styled after a lion. His ace slug is an Arachnet.

Scott Sterling

Scott Sterling (born Scott O'Rion) is Kayla's nephew, born to her late older brother. Scott was adopted by Conner after Kayla's brother's sudden death. Since then, he's been raised with the Sterling family and carried their family tradition as a Mecha Racer. His Mecha Beast is a Leopard model and his Blaster was styled after a leopard. His ace slug is an Arachnet.

Adam Sterling

Adam Sterling is the third son of Conner and McKayla, and the brother closes to Bailey. His Mecha Beast is a Cheetah-model nicknamed "Cheetah", and his Blaster was styled after a cheetah. His ace slug is a Diggrix, nicknamed Rixer.

Bailey Sterling

Bailey Sterling is the youngest member and the only girl. Like her family, a Mecha Racer, but she also wishes to become a Slugslinger. Like her ancestor, Bailey has a W-LF model, nicknamed "Wolf", but hers is pure black with the eyes of "Wolf" being bright blue. Her ace slugs are an Arachnet slug named Arcana and an unknown type of slug named Vira.


  • Siblings ages: Luke is 28, William and Scott are 25, boarding 26 and Adam is 22.
  • William, Scott and Adam have their Mechas and blasters styled after felines.
  • Arianna, Conner, Luke and Bailey have theirs styled after canines.
  • The Sterling family was originally named Zhang, but was changed to avoid confusion with Shane due to the similar soundings. 
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