Stone Claw
Personal data
Alias Stone Claw
Gender Male
Species Jackal
Occupation Villain
Morality Evil
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Arctos
Nationality Arctosian
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Red
Skin color Pale tan
Fur color Pale brown
Father Mr. Rokk
Mother Mrs. Rokk
Friends Optimatus, Mastermind, Weathervane, Sypher, Massive (allies)
Enemies Winter, Tech, Lexi, Ace, Slam, Duck, Zadavia
Powers and skills
Powers Earth manipulation, enhanced strength
Skills Hand-to-hand combat
Weaknesses Stubborn, arrogant
Equipment Amulet
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Stone Claw (born as Viktor Rokk) is a villain hailing from the planet called, Arctos.


Stone Claw is a tall brown jackal with dark brown hair and red eyes. He wears brown armor that looks like rock. 


Stone claw is stubborn, arrogant and down right mean, typical villain behavior. He likes things done his way. And won't let anyone tell him any other way.


As an Arctosian, Stone Claw inherited the ability to control earth. 


  • Earth manipulation: Stone Claw is able to shape and control earth, stone, rocks and dirt. However, he was not born with to ability to use his powers to make earth constructs.
    • Burrowing: Stone Claw is able to burrow into the earth, digging tunnels as he goes.
    • Matter surfing: Stone Claw is able to create a wave of soil and dirt to ride.
    • Tectonic plate control: Stone Claw is able to control the movement of tectonic plates, with destructive results such as earthquakes, tidal waves and even volcanic eruptions.
    • Shock-wave projection: Stone Claw is able to emit powerful shock-waves and seismic waves to push back enemies and even cause earthquakes.
    • Seismic sense: Stone Claw is able sense and perceive vibrations in the ground giving them an enhanced sense of awareness, the ability to sense underground caverns and tunnels and the ability to tell if a person is lying based on their heart rate.
  • Geokinetic constructs: Through using his amulet, Stone Claw is able to make earth constructs, mainly his Stone Army.
  • Enhanced strength


  • Geokinetic combat: Stone Claw is very skilled in hand to hand combat and can easily use his earth powers with it, however, he is not as skilled as some and lacks the concentration to use them fully.


  • Arrogant attitude: Stone Claw is very arrogant which gets him nowhere.
  • Lack of patience


  • Amulet: Stone Claw's amulet is an item that allows him eo make his Stone Army.
  • Stone Army: Made from his amulet, Stone Claw's army obeys and follow his command.


Stone was born and raised on Arctos. Growing up, he heard of Winter Kane and her psychic powers and soon grew jealous of her due to him having just normal earth powers. He vowed that he would one day out do her.

During the way, he was taken to an underground bunker by his parents where he was kept safe. Eventually, he left home and became Stone Claw, using his earth powers to get what he wanted. At some point in time, he decided to attack Acmetropolis, but he did not know of Winter Kane living there to stop him, as he thought Winter had been killed and that he didn't know that she was sent away.


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