Suzuki A1

Suzuki is the holder of the Crest of Trust and the partner of Coronamon

Personal data
Alias Suzuki
Age 12
Gender Female
Occupation DigiDestin
Trait Trust
Digivice Orange (when evolving into Ultimate)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Ethnicity Japanese
Nationality Japanese
Hair color Dark blue
Eye color Gold
Skin color Slightly tan
Love interest Tai Kaimya
Affiliation DigiDestin
Partner Coronamon
Friends Tai, Matt, Mimi, Sora, TK, Joe
Powers and skills
Skills Agility, parkour
Equipment Goggles
Production notes
Created by Nova Lioness

Suzuki (サズーキー Sazuukii) is a Digi-Destined with her partner being Coronamon. She is the holder of the crest of Trust and the love interest of Taichi Kamiya.

Physical Description

Suzuki is a young girl with dark blue hair and purple eyes.

During Adventure 02, she wears a dark red short sleeve jacket with white outlines over a white shirt, a short dark red skirt and white boots.




Suzuki does not know her past all she remembers is Coronamon being there when she woke up in the Digital World.