Aryn Ryusaki
Aryn Morgan

Aryn is a new duelist at Duel Academy

Personal data
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Deck Jewel Beast
Occupation Student of Duel Academy
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Domino City
Residence Duel Academy
Ethnicity Japanese
Nationality Japanese
Hair color Green
Eye color Blue-purple
Skin color Pale
Love interest Jaden Yuki
Relatives Gareth Morgan (older brother)
Affiliation Duel Academy, Slifer Red Dorm
Friends Jaden Yuki, Reyna Yuki, Zahara Truesdale
Powers and skills
Powers Duel spirit communication, able to sense Duel Spirits, able to summon Duel Monsters
Skills Dueling proficiency, strategy expert, multilingual, mechanical skills
Weaknesses Snakes
Equipment Duel Disk
Production notes
Created by Nova-Lioness
Appearances Duel Chronicles
I’ll find my brother, my Deck is all I have of him…
– Aryn Morgan
Tara Blakely is a 16-year human female, the younger sister of Jake Blakely and the love interest of Jaden Yuki. Tara's parents both passed away when she was young, putting her and Jake an orphanage because they had no other family that could take care of them. They were later adopted by Maximilion Pegasus. Tara duels with a Jewel Beast deck and her main Duel Spirit is Jewel Beast Blue Topaz Fang, nicknamed Topaz, though she is able to communicate with all her Jewel Beasts. Tara's best friend is Jesse Anderson, who is one of the few people who know of her fear of snakes.

Physical description

Tara is a young girl of average weight and height, standing two inches shorter than Jaden. She has long black hair and pale purple eyes and is very slim and fit, making her very attractive to boys. She wears a white and dark blue sleeveless turtleneck shirt, a short grey skirt with black shorts underneath and short navy blue short boots. She also has a dark blue belt that slacks off to the side with a red Deck case attached to it, a purple feathered earring on her left ear, a black fingerless glove on her left hand and gold rings.

As the Shadow Queen, Tara wears a pure black version of her normal outfit in addition to a black cloak. After the adventure in the Dark World, Tara starts to wear her hair in a low ponytail, leaving some of her hair to frame her face, and has added crimson-red highlights. Her outfit remains the same.


Tara is free-spirited young girl that is an all-out tomboy and hates anything girly mainly dresses. She can deal with skirts, but only if she can wear shorts underneath. Tara hates people who flaunt their money or snobs, and worries about losing those that she is close to, due to the fact that she lost her parents. Tara cares very much for her cards and won't tolerate someone that calls them weak just because they have low ATK. Tara has a huge fear of snakes and hates being near one.



  • Duel spirit communication: Tara is able to see and communicate with all Duel Spirits.


  • Dueling proficiency: Tara is a very skilled duelist though she will not reveal where she learned.
  • Strategy expert: Tara is very skilled in dueling able to adapt and/or improvise with whatever she has on Hand.
  • Stealth skills: Tara possess skills that allow her to move without being seen.
  • Multilingual: Tara is able to speak and write fluently in many languages, when she's mad she sometimes yells things out in French.
  • Athleticism: Tara is highly athletic and very fit.


  • Ophidiophobia: Tara has a serious case of ophidiophobia, meaning to be afraid of snakes.


  • Duel Disk: Tara has a modified Academy-issued Duel Disk to fit on her right arm.


  • Tara is left-handed.
  • Tara's last name was originally Evans