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Taylor Montgomery
Taylor Montgomery

Taylor is the younger sister of twins Daylan and Zachary and the youngest of the Montgomery family.

Personal data
Nicknames Tay
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation University High School Student (Junior)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Date of Birth August 21
Star sign Leo
Place of origin Phoenix, Arizona
Residence Phoenix, Arizona
Ethnicity American
Nationality American
Hair color Strawberry blonde
Eye color Green
Skin color Average
Height 5"3'
Love interest Jesse Anderson
Relatives Daylan and Zachary Montgomery (older brothers)
Unnamed parents (deceased)
Friends Reina Sato, Alexis Rhodes, Kylie Reynolds, Jesse Anderson
Enemies Chelsea Devins, Veronica di Michael
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Unexpected
Reina, not all blondes are dumb! I'm blonde!
– Taylor to Reina

Taylor Montgomery is the youngest child and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery and the younger sister of identical twin brothers, Daylan and Zachary Montgomery. She is also the girlfriend of Jesse Anderson and the best friend to Jaden Yuki. 

When her parents suddenly passed away leaving her with her brothers, they were adopted by Mrs. Tate, a policewoman. Because Mrs. Tate lived next door to Jaden and Ryuji Yuki, Taylor grew up alongside Jaden and the two became best friends.

Physical description

Taylor is a young girl of average weight and height, with long strawberry blonde hair that is usually kept in a high ponytail and green eyes.


Taylor is outgoing and isn't afraid to voice her thoughts. She cares very much for her friends and brothers, but hates it when they get overprotective. Taylor does get annoyed with Reina when she stereotypes the "blondes" thinking that all are dumb–minus her. Deep down, Taylor is scared and nervous that Jesse might leave her for someone else - despite him telling her that he'd never leave her.

Unknown to both Jaden and Reina, Taylor knows about Jesse's childhood best friend Kylie Reynolds.


Taylor was born in Phoenix, Arizona to Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery and the younger sister to identical twin brothers Daylan and Zachary. Sometime when Taylor was five years old, her parents suddenly passed away leaving the Montgomery siblings along and on the fear of being separated. Thankfully, a woman named Mrs. Tate, came to the rescue and adopted the three siblings, becoming their adoptive grandmother. Moving into her new home, Taylor met her new neighbor, Jaden Yuki and the two quickly befriended each other.

During middle school, she met and befriended Jesse Anderson. She didn't know he had a crush on her until he finally asked her out the summer after eighth grade. She did find him cute and hot and that eventually evolved into a full blown crush, which Jaden, teased her.

Due to Jesse and Jaden being on the middle school soccer team, she went to many of their practices to watch. It was during one of the practices where she met Jaden's "self proclaimed girlfriend" Chelsea Devins.


Now in her junior year of high school, Taylor is still best friends with Jaden and good friends with Reina and Jesse's girlfriend. Two years prior, she was told by Jesse about his best friend when he started to get angry at random times. 


  • In the original version of Unexpected, Taylor's parents were alive.