Team Jungle
His team jungle s world by icyi-d6h9okv

The members of Team Jungle.

Basic Information
Leader Sparklie the Tiger
Members Sparklie the Tiger
Bruncher the Kangaroo
Tiger Horse the Flying Zebra
Hikari the Chao
Status Active

Team Jungle (ティーム ・ジャンガル Tiimu Jangaru) is a group primarily consisting of Sparklie the Tiger, Bruncher the Kangaroo, Tiger Horse the Flying Zebra, and Hikari the Chao.


Sparklie is the leader and speed member of Team Jungle. She can control lightning/electricity.
Bruncher is the power member of Team Jungle and the best friend of Sparklie.
T.H. is the fly member of Team Jungle and the best friend of Sparklie and Bruncher and the Prince of Heaven Clouds.
Hikari is Sparklie's chao and the mascot of Team Jungle.

Temporarily members



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