Thunder the Hedge-Tiger
Thunder the Hedge-Tiger

Thunder is the son of Shadow and Sparklie and the twin brother of Electrica.

Personal data
Alias Donner (when with Raiden)
Age 15
Gender Male
Species Mobian hedgehog-tiger with Black Arms DNA
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Date of birth May 27
Place of origin Mobius
Residence Mobius
Nationality Mobian
Hair color Black
Eye color Gold
Skin color Peach
Fur color Orange, black
Father Shadow
Mother Sparklie
Siblings Electrica
Uncle Blizzard
Grandparents Winter, Calor, Black Doom, Anastasia, Voltage
Friends Raiden and Jewel
Enemies Dr. Ivan Eggman
Powers and skills
Ability Speed
Powers Lightning manipulation, Supersonic speed, Chaos energy manipulation, enhanced speed and agility
Skills Hand-to-hand combat, martial arts
Weaknesses Protective of Electrica, cakes and chocolate
Production notes
Created by Icyi
Appearances Next GENERATION
Clash Between Worlds
The Blue Blur Returns

Thunder the Hedge-Tiger (サンダー ・ザ ・ヘッドゲ-ティッガー Sandaa za Heddoge-Tiggaa) is a Sonic: Next Generation character. He is the eldest son of canon character Shadow the Hedgehog and fan character Sparklie the Tiger and the older brother of Electrica the Hedge-Tiger.

Physical description

Thunder is the 15 year old son of Shadow and Sparklie and the elder twin brother to Electrica. Thunder appears more hedgehog-like than tiger. He has orange and black fur with a black lightning bolt on his forehead, tan skin, and black hair. He wears a midnight-blue sweater with a sky-blue hoodie, white gloves with dark blue cuffs, white socks and sky blue shoes with dark blue lightning bolts on the sides.


Thunder is nice, sweet, kind, protective, genius, willing to help those in need, bold, brave, immature, cold (only towards guys who will hit on his sister) and caring


Electrica the Hedge-Tiger

Raiden the Hedge-Wolf and Jewel the Bat

Raiden and Jewel are Thunder’s best friends. The three grew up alongside each other and are sometimes referred to as the Hybrid Trio, as all three are hybrids of two species. Raiden is Thunder’s best guy friend. They are almost the same, both have lightning powers, and chaos powers, and both are the older twin. They both also hate it when people nickname them "Thunder and Blitzen". Despite their father's being rivals/friends/enemies, the two are them are the best of friends. Thunder was actually the one who helped Raiden master his lightning powers.


From his mother’s side, Thunder inherited the power of lightning manipulation, which allows him to do many things. From his father’s side, he inherited his power of Chaos Energy manipulation. Thunder is also able to transform into a super form, to which he becomes Static Thunder.


Thunder is the son of Shadow and Sparklie and the older twin brother of Electrica. While Thunder is a few minutes older than Electrica, he acts more like a kid than her. At a young age, he manages to gain his powers at age 7 while his sister didn't until she was 13. Because of that, the bullies often tease his sister which causes him to protective over his sister towards others. As he grew, he decides to be a hero like his mother and his idol, Sonic...

Thunder grew up alongside his best friend, Raiden the Hedge-Wolf, son of Sonic and Flare, and Jewel the Bat, the daughter of Knuckles and Rouge. Everyone called Thunder and Raiden Donner and Blitzen as nicknames, though it annoyed the two brothers.

Clash Between Worlds

After Raiden and Cerise’s 16th birthday, Thunder and Electrica and the hedgehog-wolf twins are suddenly warped to another world where Flare doesn't even exist! What's going to happen? Once landing in the other world, the twins meet alternative versions of their friends! What the heck is going on and why does Raiden think that Ivan Eggman is behind it



  • Thunder is sometimes pulled away from bakeries by his best friend Raiden, a lot.
  • At a young age, he risked his life and almost lost his life when his sister was in trouble during the battles against Dr. Eggman.
  • Unlike his sister, he has the rings around his wrists like Shadow.
  • He always looks up to Sonic to be hero like him.
  • When he sees a cake, his tails wags like crazy.
  • Thunder and Raiden are similar in ways:
    • Both are hedgehog hybrids
    • Both control the element of lightning.
    • Both the are the older one of the twins
    • Both are very protective of their younger twin sister