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Tyler King is the step-father of Aria King, the second chance mate of Melanie King, the former male Beta of the North Cairo Pack and the son of human Lucas King and werewolf Zaylin King.

Tyler was originally a rogue wolf, living off the territory of the Cairo pack when he met Melanie. While he was unsure about joining, he did it for Melanie and Aria, who he had grown to love. After the passing of his mate, Tyler gave up his position as Beta and moved out of the pack with Aria. He returned to his father, and helped him with King's Diner, later transforming it into a werewolf-human friendly diner and haven. He later became the owner of King's Diner.

Unknown to Amun, Tyler actually likes Blake and doesn't even care that he's human. All Tyler cares is having his daughter happy with her mate.

Caught Between Two Worlds